Meditation is a commodity and you are the supplier. Your meditation station is the best location for you to deliver your wisdom... for the right price!
With every passing day, more people flock to you. Provide your meditation skills to keep your business running, especially with that landlord that keeps upping the rent, the bills that keep coming and the ever rising costs and barmier customers all shoving through for your attention. But hopefully, if there's a little money left over, you can buy yourself something nice to decorate the place with! Just be careful, you run out of money and you're out!

The Post-Jam version is now available here, with some adjustments, bug/typo fixes and quality of life improvements:

Everywhere else:

In Game:
<WASD> keys to move
<ARROWS> keys to meditate
<MOUSE> to decorate
<WASD / ARROWS> to navigate
<SPACE / ENTER > to select


One day I'll release a jam game without obvious bugs! But until then here's some issues I'd noticed a little too late.
Don't worry, they DO NOT IMPACT THE GAME at all!

  • A couple of fun typos, like 'Certificate' being spelt 'Cerficate' and 'Charging' being spelt 'Chaging', all that good stuff!
  • If you get a bill from 'St. Sabourin Hospital Trust', the text that is meant to explain why you've got the bill is missing, but don't worry, you will still be charged! (all the other unexpected bill letters work correctly)
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  • Chris

    Really well done all around, fit the theme perfectly and nice innovative gameplay

  • Fachewachewa

    I know that's the idea, but holy heck Karens are OP.

    I think the biggest issue with balancing the Karens and children is the fact that on top of pushing you around, they often get targeted instead of the person you're meditating with. The grandmas were pretty cool, but they moved slowly wich made them particularly hard to aim at, between bumping off of them, other NPCs, and the auto targetting changing your focus. I'd say overall there's too many things bumping arounds in such a small space, it could probably have been tuned down and still have the same impact.

    Also the bumping around sound was driving me crazy, I sold all my non painting items before realizing just NPCs bumping around made the sound :'(

    Honestly for a non violent game, it made me extremely mad :'D I guess that's a succes! I had to give up after 15 days though.

    • Tydecon Games

      Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it, I see what you mean with the Karen's, obviously given the time limit and lack of testing it's hard to get a balance right and there's certainly some tweaking I need to do here and there after the jam, though it sounds like you did really well on it to get to that level and I hope you still enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜

  • Riuku
    • Level 18

    1mo ago

    I love the contrast between the theme of the game as well as the pep talky lines versus the (arguably) stressful game mechanic! It took me a few in-game days to realize that the lines are selectively directed to the various types of customers, which then made it even funnier. Well done, I enjoyed it!

    Paint Fast

    Paint Fast

  • arthurgps2

    I had much fun with this game but my hands started hurting from pressing the arrow keys too much so I had to stop lol.
    I got to Day 22 with ยฃ2685.63. Nice game!

    • Tydecon Games

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :) And well when you progress that far it's no wonder your hands hurt, I'm impressed though, that's an amazing run! :) Thanks for playing!

  • Allison James

    I don't know what religion you started, but a few days of this game and I have no choice but to want in. All praise be to Meditatinator. I AM STRONG.

    This was an unbelievably polished experience front to back, with an aesthetic, atmosphere, graphics and music that all go together in a way I want to say is "great" but it's also "unbelievably ominous to the point of being outright terrifying". I genuinely think if I'd played a whole lot longer, I'd've been thinking about this when trying to sleep tonight!

    A couple of minor glitches aside - at one point two people came into the room from opposite directions and couldn't get past each other so they started furiously bonking and vibrating (for lack of a more innocuous description) - this was a brilliant entry. Because of course it was, your gm48 entries always are. ๐Ÿ˜„

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      All praise the MEDITATINATOR! ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad to hear you liked it!
      To address the bug, I think I know what's caused this, each of your customers has an 'arriving' flag and a set destination where they want to be. When they hit their arrived spot, they start jostling around so if they don't make it to their arrived spot then they just bump in to each other, they're just so seething with rage that they can't comprehend to move around each other ๐Ÿ˜… definitely something I'll have to adjust after the jam! ๐Ÿ˜

  • illdie
    • Level 12

    2mos ago

    This is a really cool idea with some great execution! I like the little quotes you tell the customers each time you succesfully meditate with them, my favorite is probably the one where he just says the word "chakras" lol. I did feel like the animation for the notices in-between each day was a bit much, they took a while and were a little dizzying to watch for me, but that wasn't a big issue.

    The one thing that felt like a very significant detractor to me was the level of bounciness in the handling of the player. Even with just stationary customers, if you just walk up to them a little too close you'll be bounced outside of the range to meditate with them. I understood later that customers pushing you around is part of the point, which I think is a fun idea, but due to the level of bounciness it felt more often like I was fighting the game rather than playing it, if that makes sense.

    That said, I really like the concept and the gameplay loop. The creativity in the different patterns and behaviors for each of the types of customers kept the game interesting (the ? blocks were especially cool). This is a really good entry, great job on it!

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      Thanks so much for your feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I agree, it's hard to get the correct collision and bounciness balancing given the time, maybe I need to tone it down a smidge ๐Ÿ˜‚ thanks so much for playing!

  • poontangular

    This was great fun.

    Things I liked: The music/sound effects/graphics were great. The button-mashing nature of this game was super fun. It was easy to understand. The contrast between the player feeling pressured due to time restraints and the music.

    Things I didn't like: The collisions made it hard to finish combos if another angry person ran across you. The menus took a bit long to respond and the animation of them entering wasn't interesting enough to not want to skip the animation each time.

    Bugs: At the end of the second day, you briefly see the store flash up before the second day's report :D

    Overall I really enjoyed this, and the issues I had with it were minor.

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      Thanks for playing, I'm glad you'd enjoyed it. The concept of the other customers bumping in to you to break your focus, making it harder to finish combos, was the idea to add the challenge to it and be a representation and irony of people's impatience ๐Ÿ˜ I've not encountered that issue with the shop flashing though, thanks for letting me know about that, I'll check it out ๐Ÿ˜

  • Jaspo
    • Level 13

    2mos ago

    Witty, fast paced, stylish, and strange. Really impressive work for 48 hours! No complaints.

  • singleshot

    I tried to mediate, but I don't like any of them so I just watch them be angry.

    10/10 would ignore customers again.

    Lost Child

    Lost Child

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      One of my thoughts when making this game was how I can singleshot-proof it, you have a knack for breaking my games ๐Ÿ˜‚ thankfully, ignoring customers is an option! Hope you enjoyed it all the same :)

  • ZenithTheReborn

    The moment I opened up this game I was hit with an incredible soundscape. Very well done on all the sounds and the music. The UI is nice and intuitive, and I found everything easy to understand without the need of text (especially not a wall of it). The theme and use of color is also incredibly well done, muted purples, blues, and tan-bronze was a good choice for a color scheme.

    I was not prepared for what was to come, the moment I started the first day I was immediately pushed by a customer who came barging in, red eyes glowing. I couldnt consentrate because of how hard I was laughing. The use of pitch shifting with the audio quips was incredibly well done. My laughing intensified as I became a ping-pong ball among a see of angry people, there was so much going on and the game's humor was too much for me. I lost because of it but thats okay, when I calmed down I tried again.

    The gameplay of the game allows you to enter your own kind of zen state, attenting to the needs of your customers as you play. The grinding for money to pay rent reminds me a lot of Luck Be A Landlord, only with more skill and less randomness. I enjoyed the variety each kind of customer brought. It reminds me of my own stint in retail, which makes this game's brand of humor even more on par for me. My only critique was the end of day chime was loud and startling, and scared me half to death out of my zen-like state of playing.

    This game is great commentary on the corpritization of mental health and its comodiziation. I love the references you managed to cram in here and the general overal humor of the piece. Really an incredible diamond in the rough that is unique in both its theming, presentation, and gameplay. I cannot give it any higher praise.

    Best of luck to you and your future endevors!



    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      Thank you so, so much - it has made my day to read this and I'm so glad you've enjoyed it!
      I imagine working in retail you'll be well aware of the Karen types who barge in front of the other customers! ๐Ÿ˜‚
      I agree the bell is quite loud and intrusive to bring you out of the zen state, maybe post-jam I'll quieten it down a touch haha! Thanks again!

  • HOPL
    • Level 2

    2mos ago

    I had a lot of fun with this. This is definetly a game I could find myself getting lost playing for long periods of time especially if it recieved more content.

    I really wish I had an upgrade that didn't let Karens push my around lol

    I love the voice lines whenever you finish a button combo and how they are different for some of the characters.

    Great job on making a game that fits with the theme. This game truly felt like it could end up alongside the likes of forager with the animation, UX, music, and style.

    Thank you for sharing this game, can't wait to see what comes next.

    PS for anyone who hasn't played yet, buy the plants. Even though they only last for a day, they are cheap and will help you make more money (I think)

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      Thanks so much for playing, I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it.
      There is something you can buy to slow the Karen's down. One of the pieces of wall art is a complaints form, Karen's love to complain so they'll slow down when they see it ๐Ÿ˜ Plants calm people down faster so they work as a quick fix in the middle of the room, just remember to get rid of them by the next round, dead plants cause stress haha

  • Stratemagician

    Basically I like everything about this apart from the gameplay :P. Graphics are great, music great, ui mostly good (hard to read the time and money values and the controls are a little clunky), but extremely repetitive gameplay with no real progression, just spamming arrow keys. Not a fan of that, but basically everything else is great!

    • Tydecon Games

      2mos ago

      But really, when you think about it, is that not what meditating is all about? ๐Ÿ˜
      Haha I am glad you like the rest of it even if the gameplay wasn't your style. Thanks for playing.