Fireman Descend

Fireman Descend

  • Bee Tracks
  • 2 years ago
  • 20th


Post-jam version

Now that the voting is ended, I fixed the known bugs and added a menu, but no in-game content were changed. If you want a playable version of the game, here is the html5:

(In case you find any bugs, please report it on page, thanks)


Use the arrows to move and jump and space bar to use the water.

Story of the game

The fireman rescued everybody but found himself surrounded by fire on the top of a building. Now he needs to hurry and descend carefully, but fast, to the exit.

About the development

It was rushed so it starts immediately, I had no time to place a menu, and it is a very short game. There's no sfx, only music. I hope it is fun to play!

Known bugs

When you jump the ledge instead using the stairs, you probably will have a crash. It happens because the fireman was supposed to die, but a wrong reference to the variable breaks the game.


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