The Ascension

The Ascension

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The Ascension is a poetic puzzle/platformer in which you play as an angel descending into a murky cave. At the same time, a voice warmly recommends you to ascend. Finding what you seek will not be as easy as it seems..."


nice stairs

In The Ascension, the right path is not always the one you would expect. Also, darkness progresses with you as you descend... but it is worth it. Or is it?
There is always a way out.

Controls (keyboard)

little angel
  • Left arrow - Move left
  • Right arrow - Move right
  • Up arrow - Jump
  • F key - Fullscreen
  • Escape - "Do you want to quit?" message
  • H key - Serves no purpose in this game

A few notes regarding in-game progression

little branch
  • first room:
    It might look like you are stuck, but you are not.

  • Labyrinth room:
    This room has a bad effect on the game's pace, so I understand your lack of patience. Here is a visual helper on how to solve that room: maze The green boxes are the colliders while the top red box is your goal. I don't want this room to ruin your experience, as I really put lots of efforts in that game, especially the last room and endings, which give more backstory and participate greatly on the game experience and atmosphere. I wish for you to have the patience to go through this ♥

  • Secret ending:
    only read if you have troubles finding the last ending
    I admit that the clue for the last ending is rather vague. (wanted to add more clues but I was short on time)
    First, is considered a "room" any room part of the main story (as soon as the music starts playing); for instance, the room showing you the keyboard controls does not count.
    Second, you must find a secret path in the room. No need to think outside the box. (You don't need to type anything weird on the keyboard or anything...)
    Finally, to find the secret exit, you must use the stairs.

Known bugs

shadow matter
  • Pressing enter repeatedly in the last room before/during the "press enter" message crashes the game

Feel free to report bugs to me. It will come in handy when I will be working on the fixed version as well as helping me improve

Personal note

shadow angel

Back again for GM48 and this time, I finally did it! I completed my first game! (My two previous entries were incomplete and lacky) I kept the scope lower and I was even able to add a few things that I did not initially intended to add!

Of course, I am still a beginner so the game is not perfect (many text placements are a bit awkward) and not so well designed; but overall, I am proud of my new baby! :) I put my heart in it. I mean... not literally... Don't try to search it in game, you won't find it. You get the point.

Please excuse the typo on the ending messages, I was in a rush while making that part. At least I managed to fix an important game breaking issue. (like, I'm lucky the game works because I was not able to test it before submitting the game)

Please, give me feedback! :)
In any case, I hope you will enjoy the experience, even if it is a short game. :D

NOTE: I am working on a "final" version that is likely to be done in june :)

It will feature:

  • Bug fixes
  • Gameplay improvement (slightly changing a few mechanics and making the insivible paths less tedious)
  • New endings! (1-3)
  • A secret room
  • No typos!
  • New dialogs
  • New rooms (maybe)
  • A few more things ;)


for some reason, these gifs are in a faster speed than what the actual game speed is



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