Artugo's Favor

Artugo's Favor

  • Joshua Walker
  • 2 years ago
  • 18th


Sacrifice your way to Artugo's Favor to become village chief.

Work in the fields, trade goods, and manage workers while sacrificing your wealth and health to gain favor in Artugo's eyes.


Talk to the Shaman daily, after midnight, to determine which of Artugo's five moods he is in. This will affect the amount of favor you get for your sacrifices. There are four levels to reach:

  • Peasant
  • Trader
  • Noble
  • Chief

There is a winning goal of 1000 favor. Balance your resources and time to successfully reach the top.


Artugo has five moods:

  • Spiteful: Will probably not accept anything you offer
  • Vengeful: Will probably enjoy painful offerings
  • Neutral
  • Merciful: Will probably accept anything you offer
  • Joyful: Will probably not enjoy painful offerings

Health can sometimes be restored by having full energy and health.

Random events happen based on the level of favor you currently have.

Note: The music can get a little wonky sometimes. Couldn't figure out why volume was changing so much. There's a mute button next to the date display.

There is no sound in the HTML5 version of the game.


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