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Restore the monoliths and protect Friend. Do not die.



To win you must send enough energy to the monolith. Only Friend can send energy and only if there is enough in reserve. Restore reserves by giving Friend gems.


If Friend is knocked down and then hit again, you will lose. Be sure to help Friend to stand up before that happens! You can also lose if you run out of HP.


You can bump into enemies to push them away. Every time you do this, your shield's energy will go down. If your shield is depleted, then enemies can hurt you. Friend can restore shield energy.


Arrows =Move

Z (hold) = Pick up gem/friend

X = Send energy to shield

C = Send energy to monolith

Space = Pause game

ESC = Exit game

Alt + Enter = Toggle full screen


  • If you run out of energy reserves, look for gems! If you can't see any, then don't worry: they periodically reappear.
  • Bumping enemies is fun, but be careful not to push them into Friend!
  • Friend cannot be hurt while being carried. If you're in a tough spot, try picking up Friend and escaping to a safer area.
  • Friend cannot send energy when downed. Make sure you protect Friend!


Art, Music, Design & Coding by Cortop

SFX made with ChipTone (

Music made with BeepBox (

Fonts by and


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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Nice game! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Hey, thanks! That's really cool :D

  • Tecna
    Tecna Tecna Level 10

    This is an interesting and original concept, sacrificing yourself to protect Friend. As I really sucked at this game, I couldn't progress too much, but the visuals, sounds and level design are spot on. Moreover, this game looks incredibly polished, as I didn't encounter any bug and the aesthetics are really pleasing to the eye. You did a really great job here. :)

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      The combat doesn't really work as intended, which is probably why you're failing. The polish should be good, because I spend the last few hours just playtesting. Not enough to fix some design decisions, but enough to squash any bugs. I'm glad you liked the aesthetics! I went for a more dark and simplistic art style and it seems to have worked well.

      I'm glad you liked my game, even if you struggled to play it. Thanks for your comment!

  • Fachewachewa

    Weird, interesting concept.

    I really dig the visuals, but the music needs more variations.

    One thing I think could help the game : making it so that friend doesn't have enough power at the start of a level to fully charge the monolith. Right now like other have said, you can just "rush" the objectives

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Glad you liked the concept! I tried to keep the general feel kinda mysterious, so if the game gives off a weird feel, then I'm satisfied. Music really isn't my thing, so I know it's lacking. I tend to just find a noise or texture I like and then mess with it. Still, it's something I'd like to practise more in the future. I agree about the energy thing. My initial idea was they you'd have enough energy to restore your shields and charge some of the monolith, but since rushing the monolith is a more efficient tactic, there's really no reason to bother. The balancing is definitely off and something I should have spent more time testing.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment and feedback! I appreciate it! (I know I'm saying this in nearly every comment, but I really do! Another perspective really helps!)

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    Really fun game, I love the artstyle, and the gameplay was really good too, same as level design and stylish sounds, the difficulty curve was also really nice.

    Only problem is that the game is an installer, one worth installing for once.

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Dunno what else to say :D

      Except that installers seem to be a real faux pas... I'll make sure not to do that next time.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49

    Not bad! It was interesting to play! Not sure where the sacrifice is though... I agree with other feedbacks though, you could just rush it. Solvable by making the monolith have a bit more life, forcing you to take a gem. Not that it bothered me though cause for me the controls were bad, I'm using a qwertz keyboard, meaning the y and z are inverted, so it's tedious... should think about that when making games, some people have qwerty, few have qwertz (like me) and others have azerty.


    DO NOT USE INSTALLERS. NEVER EVER USE INSTALLERS If I had not the intend to play all the gm48 games, I would have not played it. Prefer zip files or executables if you need, but for a game jam, never ever go with installers...

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      You're right, the numbers are badly balanced. It's something I really should have tested more. Concerning the theme, the idea was that you were meant to choose between charging the shield and the monolith. It was meant to encourage risky play, but the balancing is messed up so it doesn't come through.

      I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy the game because of the controls. I have to admit, accommodating for other keyboard layouts never crossed my mind! I find Z X C & arrows to be a great control system, but I guess that doesn't work for AZERTY et al. It's only a few keys, so I could incorporate other layouts. It would still be a low priorty addition, but I'll definitely keep it mind when I'm polishing future games.

      I have sinned. I used an installer. Forgive me! But seriously I didn't know this bothered so many people. I'll definitely avoid it the future. Thanks for (trying) to play my game and your comment!

  • pmmj
    pmmj pmmj Level 2

    This was really well done. From the stylistic art, to the short yet tasteful music loop to the interesting mechanics. I really liked the art of the enemies, player + friend, and especially the monolith; if only the block looked as great. The gameplay was really cool but it seems like you can just rush some of the levels and spam energy until you get to -10 energy for the monolith. If fighting the enemies was a little more intriguing this game would have much better replay value. Nonetheless, amazing effort! I think this has immense potential!

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Glad you liked the general presentation! What have you got against my block graphics though? lol I'm kidding, most objects are 2 colors and the block kinda suffered for it. I'm glad you liked the gameplay, but I totally agree that it's unbalanced and the combat is poor. I tried to do something different with the combat, but it doesn't really work. Also -10 energy? Did I miss a bug? If your energy goes below 0, then the game is meant to set it to 0. I'll have to take a look at that...

      I'm glad you enjoyed my game, despite it's problems! I might return to this game some day, but regardless it was a valuable learning experience. Expect future games to have better combat? Maybe :D

  • bucketbomb
    bucketbomb bucketbomb Level 5

    The mechanics all rest on the old but feel really fresh, and I loved that about MONOLITH. The art was stylish and did the trick and music was a bit short, but what was there was great. Some polish is necessary (like all GM48 games), like the combat. I didn't really engage in combat, as the bouncing seemed to make completing the level more difficult rather than less. Overall, great game!

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Yeah, the combat mechanics are broken. Well, maybe not broken, but like you said interacting with it makes the game harder. I wanted the player to be careful how they fought enemies, but it ended up being --too-- risky.

      Anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed everything else! That idea of having old mechanics with a twist is something I enjoy playing with. I feel it creates a sense of familiarity without being an outright rehash.

      Okay, I'm getting pretentious now. I'm just glad you liked my game, despite the combat not working as intended. Thanks for playing my game and posting feedback! It's appreciated!

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Joe Miller Level 19

    Very nice! It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but I made it to the 4th stage a couple of times, but felt like the enemies overwhelmed really fast. I liked the graphics, everything looked great for the style.

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Yeah, the middle of the game is pretty brutal and I feel not a very fair way. It's easy to die in seconds.

      I'm glad you liked the graphics! It was fun to go for something more low key and symbolic. It was fast to make, too.

      Thanks for playing and commenting!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    I really enjoy the graphics in this one. They're fairly simple but the style works very well and makes it easy to know what everything does. Unfortunately, the music is a bit repetitive.

    I can see what you were going for with the gameplay with having to choose between using energy for shields or the monolith. However, it never really clicked for me. The best strategy seemed to be to just power the monolith as quickly as possible and ignore everything else. Perhaps if the enemies were a bit easier to deal with (not respawning as fast, less chance to bounce back into you, etc.) it would be worth fighting them. As it is I like the concept but not so much the actual execution.

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Glad you liked the graphics! I tried to make them more simple than I usually do because I'm lazy it's easy it's more efficient. It gave me more time to make a more complicated game which, as you mentioned, had mixed results.

      I'm not a musician, but I enjoy making small loops. Sorry if the song was repetitive. It's really not my forte, but I will try to improve. Having gameplay, graphics, sfx, AND music really elevates a jam game I've found, so it's worth the effort to at least try.

      I agree that the charging mechanic is flawed. Or rather how it's implemented. Not hitting enemies turned out to be a better tactic, which is not what I was going for. There's not much sense of progression when you kill enemies. Which in a way was intentional because I wanted a wave of enemies for you to fight off, but the result is kinda... eh. It makes the "combat" pointless.

      Anyway, thanks for playing and the feedback. You've given me some stuff to think about. I appreciate it :D

  • siridakis
    siridakis siridakis Level 7

    Hey, cool game, I really enjoyed playing it!
    Nice music and sfx too.
    There was this one stage that almost made me wanna kill myself hahaha, but that's ok because now THE MONSTERS HAVE BEEN BANISHED >_<
    Only criticisms I have is, the window could be a bit larger (just a bit) and installing a jam game is somewhat annoying... single runtime executable is usually better.

    • cortop cortop
      Level 4

      Glad you enjoyed it :D I'm guessing stage 5? At the start it's really easy for enemies to bounce all over the place and mess you up really quickly. I apologise for that. Nice job on finishing the game anyway, though! That's the sign of a good game, right?

      I was going to add more resolutions, but in the end I didn't get around to it. You can play in full screen if the screen is too small, but I know that's a lame excuse.

      I just zipped up the installer because I wasn't really sure what I was acceptable. I figured that was a safe bet, but I really should have just asked. I'll know for next time!

      Thanks for playing and leaving feedback. I really appreciate it.


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