Heart of Steel

  • Action
  • Adventure Byte
  • 1 month ago
  • 2nd


A peaceful village stands in the path of an evil army. There is only one who can possibly defend the townsfolk as they make their escape.

Are you willing to make that sacrifice?


  • Hand drawn characters and environments
  • 4 Unique Enemies
  • 1 Epic Boss
  • 3 Songs and Complete FX


  • Movement and Jump WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Use Jetpack Spacebar
  • Use Laser Left Mouse Button

  • Skip Intro Enter


  • Programmer Matt Santacroce
  • Illustrator Christopher Santacroce
  • Audio Engineer Braden Keith
  • Playtesting Sami Santacroce, Zach Santacroce
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I would like to have had an alternate weapon to use as well or the ability to get weapon upgrades mid game.

Pretty artwork but generic concept. Fit with the theme in premise (as did mine, so I am not putting that down), but very little innovation. Solid built and fun, but it's been done many times. But very pretty!

The aesthetics and the ambience of this game are FANTASTIC! It is really really nice to see this style of game in game jams, please, don't stop participating.

The gameplay, although hard, is very cool, I really liked the atmosphere of the game, but as I sucked at it, I really disliked the mechanic of friendly fire, I was feeling like I was killing more people than the enemies. :(

But I at least reached the boss and I was sad there is a forced loss scenario. All you had to do is to fight for the townsfolk to escape. It's a sad story, but a nicely done one. Congratulations, this game is amazing!

3 weeks ago

Great job guys! The game is beautiful and I really enjoyed it.

The only problem this game has is balance, there's a ton of unavoidable damage, and getting a good saved/killed ratio is hard af.

But everything else is great, the art is a solid 10, and both sound and gameplay are above average.

First of : beautiful game.

But it's toooo hard :( I've only seen two types of enemies. It took me a while to realise to don't need to shot tanks for too long, but even then, it's so hard to manage both sides. You can walk on tanks but that means you advance too much on one side, and you can use the jetpack but that means you'll need to wait anyways because of the overheating. I mean, those are good choises, but they need to be a little more balanced, I'd say less ennemies at first, and slower heating.

Also, it's cool to have choise in controls, but how am I supposed to move with the arrow keys is shooting is with the mouse and jetpack with space ??? The jetpack should be a continuation of the jump.

Anyway, very solid entry, you did way better than last time !

The visual style for this is fantastic! I love the details such as all the little people running around. The intro is nice touch. The sound effects and music are also very fitting. However, the pixellated text feels a bit jarring when everything else is so smooth. The gameplay is pretty nice too. I like using the jetpack and it's fun stomping on tanks. The movement and laser recharge both feel a bit slow, though.

Wonderful art. Not sure if you were going for this, but the whole style of the game felt very cardboard puppet-y, kind of like a small play or something haha. The game itself was pretty good too! Destroying the tanks by jumping on them felt very satisfying! Perhaps an indicator or something to show that the side of the town you can't see is taking damage would be a nice addition?

Nice graphics, challenging game! I included it in my GM48: Sacrifice compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/MxThB7fKjVE

Love the graphics! The sound effects added a lot to the mecha feel. Fun game, but quite difficult. I really don't have any criticisms except that movement is a bit sluggish, but you do control a mech so I guess that's thematic.

Very solid game. Great job!

That was fun! Controlling a mecha is not that uncommon but I rarely see that in a game jam. Also, it felt like we were actually controlling it because of all the gear sounds and stuff! I get that being slow is inherent to this but it feels a bit too slow. Aimin at the bombs is a bit too tricky. Aside that, nice to see that type of graphics! To be honest, the game felt better than the icon shown.

Just something I personally felt was frustrating: You don't explode when you die... :( Man, that's what is the most fun when you control a mecha... dying in an explosion. Kaboom!

This game is beautiful! And an opening cinematic?? Dang! Loved the music. The stompy sounds was tad bit repetitive. And felt like charge bar wen down a little too fast at times... but i might just suck haha. But really overall this is fantastic!

That country side is beautiful! Good job!

Awesome game!
The art is amazing, and smashing tanks is really fun, hahaha!!
Extra points for the intro cinematics :)

Great graphic style and good choice of sounds.

Love the art style and whole presentation. Really nice!

Graphics were really nice, game play was good, but laser could have been better and maybe little bit too easily it overheated. Also enemy wreckage killed too many townspeople, maybe those should not considered as a hit? Otherwise in the end is felt there were too many enemies, especially when you cannot shoot pass own townspeople.

Gorgeous art, music and concept. game play is addictive and somewhat difficult. need more explosions...

The art looks amazing and the game play is seamless! Wow, the music is great! I want to hear more! I played multiple times already. I hope you create some expansions!

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