Save Yourself

Save Yourself

  • WilliamJamesGames
  • 2 years ago
  • 55th


Edit: Shift is Jump

Me (William) and my friend James just started making games together a little over a month ago. He does the art, and I try and do the programming. We worked together remotely to finish this project.

This is both of our first game jam, and we both really enjoyed it. I really like the challenge ofworking in the confines of what was possible thoughout the jam. As well as the theme. I think James came up with areally cool mechanic and thought it was an interesting way to utilize the idea of sacrifice. However, unfortunately, didnt realize how much I still had to do couldnt spend as much time on the levels as I would have like, but oh well!

Please let me know what you think, I've been using game maker for about 6 months now, and james just started doing game art more recently than that, so we'd both love to hear from you.

Lastly, I ran out of time and couldnt do a proper menu, room transitions, or sound effects, bit off a little more than i could chew lol

Music by Ventitious X.


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