Star Raid

Star Raid

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  • 2 years ago
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Star Raid

Travel through 10 levels and fight two bosses in this bullet hell game.


Use WASD or the arrow keys to move

Use the left mouse button to shoot your single shot upwards at your foes

Hold the right mouse button to pause time, then release it to teleport to your mouse.

Tips and Tricks

  • Your teleport can get you out of sticky situations! Don't just hold onto it!

  • Both your shot and your teleport reload when you hit an ammo pickup, so feel free to use them both before you pick it up


Tutorial Bullets! First Boss



  • Art by Ross Boman and Edward Hursley

  • Levels by Ross Boman

  • Code by Henry Haak

  • Music by Henry Haak

We're releasing the source code for the game if you want to check it out! Just note that the source code might end up being a few versions behind if there are any bugs to squash!


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