Final Ascent

Final Ascent

  • Seltzy
  • 2 years ago
  • 8th


You either die or you win. Whichever comes first is your final result. You only got One Shot.

Yo turn your volume down a bit before booting up the game just in case.

This game is quite hard, but I hope people are slick enough to get at least 4 or 5 levels in (out of 9) before their untimely demise. If you actually win on your first go then color me surprised, I'll buy you a pizza or something.

Obviously if you delete the right file then you can play again. This defeats the purpose though, and I suggest rating after you're done with your first run. Rate however you choose.

Didn't end up making a proper death animation! Woops!

A non-permadeath version will be out after the jam probably.


Arrow Keys - Movement

Up, Spacebar, or Z - Jump

Down - Interact or progress text

As always, thank you for playing. I need sleep...


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