The Mean-Stopper

The Mean-Stopper

  • Josiarthei
  • 1 year ago
  • 30th


WOW I'm sleep deprived it's 4AM and I've worked probably 36 of the 48 hours, but I hope it's worth it :)

Take to the streets as the Mean-Stopper, and uncover clues about who the wild Meanie actually is, before taking him (or her) down! Featuring randomized civilians, 4 (actually 3) levels, a quality tutorial, a 3-song soundtrack(!), many sound effects, voice acting, and generated puzzles galore! A lot of heart went into this, and almost as much time (~36 of the 48)! I really hope you like it!

Gameplay: The Meanie will periodically bully civilians near him (yes, it is a proximity system), who will start crying. Question the crying victims to get a clue as to the Meanie's identity, but watch out! Doing so will send one of the Meanie's goons after you, who will relentlessly track you down. Once you think you know who the Meanie is, take the shot and lock them up.

Buttons you need to know that the tutorial doesn't mention:

  • Esc - Back to menu
  • Mouse Click - Skip opening cutscene, return to menu once you win or lose
  • R - Retry

Normal Buttons:

  • WASD - Move
  • Left-Click - Interrogate/Shoot when net-gun is drawn
  • Right-Click - Draw net gun


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