Gun Glitch

Gun Glitch

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Things you can do when standing on a teleporter(time manipulators):

(IMPORTANT! gamedev didn't do a good job explaining things in game. He's an idiot. )

time will slow down on a teleporter and your player will stop

  1. Right clicking to anywhere in the room that doesn't contain a teleporter will give you a speed boost. This boost will only happen if your not pushing the movement keys. Alternatively you can cancel the boost by pushing the movement keys.

  2. Right click to another teleporter will instantly teleport you to that teleporter.


WASD = movement

Mouse = aim

MouseLeft = shoot

MouseRight = uses teleporters when your player is in contact with one

Game Description

You only have one bullet! Sink that bullet into your wrinkled forehead and squeeze! But be sure to catch it again! Use the various time manipulators to, slow down time, teleport, and speed across the level at incredible speeds in order to wrap your dome piece around that shiny shiny metal. As more enemies appear, you'll receive upgrades to keep things under control! (everyone loves upgrades. they're the best)

Tutorial tips and tricks

When standing on a teleporter time will slow down. You can then right click to any other teleporter instantly. But if you click on area without a teleporter you will dash in that direction very quickly, which can be very helpful for catching your bullet. This dash can be canceled by pressing a movement key. When spawning in your player, a good starting point is usually on a teleporter. Starts things sloooooow. :)

Tutorial 1: Dash between teleports by right clicking in an area without a teleporter

Tutorial 2: Teleport between teleporters by right clicking directly on the teleporter

Tutorial 3: Now lets combine what we know, together!


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