Clocktease 2: Unplugged

Clocktease 2: Unplugged

  • Powerdive
  • 1 year ago
  • 16th


Clocktease 2- Unplugged

Another soul has been dragged into the horror that is the Clocktease. Race against the clock to beat levels as fast as you can, using a powerful dash that could harm your final time as much as help it. Replay levels to get the best time you possibly can, and unlock new levels to play.


Use A/D or the left and right arrow keys to move left and right Press Space to jump Press S or the down arrow key to drop through thin platforms Press the left mouse button to dash towards your mouse at the cost of 1 second towards the level's time Use R to restart the level Press escape to exit the level


Running past spikes Avoiding toxic water Climbing the Fatal Summit


Henry Haak: Music, code, and level design Ross Boman: Art, sounds, and level design


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