Quaffy's Last Swig

Quaffy's Last Swig

  • Panda-K
  • 1 year ago
  • 31st


This is an arcade-style action game where your aim is to survive as long as possible by turning enemies into potions to restore your constantly draining health. Each run takes only a few minutes and quickly escalates as the enemy numbers and potion side effects increase.


  • Movement - Arrow keys or joystick
  • Melee Attack - "Z" or A Button
  • Ranged Attack - "X" or B Button
  • Quaff a Potion - "C" or X Button
  • Change Potion - "A"/"S" or Left Trigger/Right Trigger

Known Bugs:

  • The music will repeat if you play a second time. Closing and relaunching the game will fix this.


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