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My entry uses the theme as you have to eat the npcs to recover hp, they die permantly. They have special information on curing the curse

You play as Jo, who recently got turn into a hideous half vampire half sausage half human. Jo is on a quest to find the dingy’s cure the sausagic curse.

The game is top down first zelda type screen to screen, with an attack, and a couple extra actions depending on how you play. The game is suppose to be played as a puzzle and you’re unlikely to discover all the mystery on the first try. There quite a few npcs to meet and try to figure out how they fit into curing the sausagic curse.

Anyways hope you enjoy.

I'll post info about the game late HERE

there's no mute or volume option, but the music gives some hints to the game.!Screen _ 1 Imgur Imgur


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