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Bombini is a game created in under 48 hours. Your goal is to get the bomb to the door in each room without letting it touch a wall! Jump, maneuver and explode your way through 14 levels!


Dev Notes

Initially, the idea was to have the bomb attached to the character by a rope, but this both proved to be too difficult to program in such a short time, and needlessly complicated. We also wanted to get in more levels, and decorate the backgrounds a bit, however we've started to run out of time so we decided to just polish what we had already.

Overall though, we're extremely happy of how this small game turned out! Simplifying the bomb mechanic allowed us to focus on the movement and level design more, which seems to have paid off since a lot of players are praising it! This was our first time participating in GM48, and second jam overall. We hope you enjoy our game!



Keyboard Controls

A,D - Movement

Arrow Keys - Move the bomb around you

Shift, W or Space - Jump

Alt + Enter - Fullscreen

Gamepad Controls

Left Stick - Movement

Right Stick - Move the bomb around you

RB, A - Jump


@Spasco_ - Programming, Level Design

@Gaziter - Art, Music, Level Design

@TheVegardJensen - Art, Sound Design, Level Design


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