Picher Mine Company

Picher Mine Company

  • gary butler
  • 3 years ago
  • 45th

You need a business/commercial district to build homes. You need homes to build a lead mine. Build enough homes and the people build school/playgrounds. Lead mines generate $10,000,000/year and chat which will show up in your forests and eventually your neighborhoods.

Help Picher Mining Compay get rich. Harm the citizens of Picher.

Intended to be fun and educational. Envisioned as an rts with a history lesson about a national environmental tragedy in honor of earth day. I'm going to need some more practice making games. I haven't shipped what I set out to make. Its much more glitchy Power Point presentation and much less Oregon trail. If you wait until the game ends after about 10 minutes. You will have learned the story of Picher, OK.

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  • Jupiter Hadley

    Interesting game. I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/6oxsNSlqcYM

  • Problematicar

    Nice concept, lacks information though, leaving the player without knowing what to do, a hud and some music would've done this game good.

    Universe T

    Universe T

  • Veralos
    • Level 38

    3yrs ago

    It seems like you have an interesting concept here but the mechanics aren't very clear and it seems a bit unfinished. I really like the game's visual style, and it's kind of fun just placing buildings and getting money but that's about all I can say about it.

  • Atomic
    • Level 17

    3yrs ago

    Somewhat engaging, but obviously not quite finished in terms of gameplay. I had no idea what anything had an impact on, money's in negative, money's in the billions, etc. Could become a cool project, with an interesting style (though it is very dull currently.).

    I liked the newspaper flashes and the years. Kept my playing.

  • Kwis
    • Level 63

    3yrs ago

    I was confused on what did what. I just randomly placed each building option and became rich without knowing why. Also you should be able to see what building you have toggled.

    It doesn't seem uninteresting, but it could be more elaborated.

  • Zurui
    • Level 6

    3yrs ago

    Not really sure what I was doing, the spacebar changed what I placed but no menu popped up for a build menu. I did make a lot of money though.

    • gary butler
      • Level 7
      • Developer

      3yrs ago

      Yea no build menu, just left click to build and space bar to switch between the three build options