Super Chess Card Wars

Super Chess Card Wars

  • Jamblefoot
  • 1 year ago
  • 29th


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The noblest of all games and the simplest of card games have joined forces in a 2D fighter of epic proportions! Burly chess pieces vie for dominance in a game of wits and agility and cards. The chess pieces have been working out for many moons to gain such muscle, and now it's time to use said muscle to throw down some cards. Cards will be thrown. Arms will be flexed. The flexing of the arms will be mostly equivalent to that of the legs. All the limbs will be clad in different colors, unless they're clad alike. Oh, it will be garish. These are some really intimidating chess pieces. You probably haven't been intimidated by chess pieces as intimidating as these chess pieces. They're not just intimidating for their garish dress and enviable symmetry, but also for their skill and cunning when it comes to throwing those cards. They can throw them pretty far. They can also catch cards. They can catch them, and naturally those caught cards can be used as a health of sorts. A balm, if you will. Not a balm, though. The number of cards the player has dictates that player's health. Unless that's what balm means, it's not a balm, but rather a mechanic by which this digital contrivance functions. Whosoever has the most cards at the end of 60 seconds wins the round, and whosoever wins 2 rounds wins the game. If one is to find oneself bereft of all cards, one shall find oneself at a loss. Hopefully, for one's sake, the other one has not won more than 1 round. Otherwise, it's back to the roster screen to choose a new fighter, complete with garish dress. Unless it is not garish. Perhaps it is austere. Regardless, it is intimidating. And that is how to play the card game known simply as "War."


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