Wrect / Angle

Wrect / Angle

  • PhyrexKid
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Play as Angle, an elite master-engineer, piloting her cyber-tank W.R.E.C.T. (Wireless Resourceless Engine of Cybertransformation), humanity's final chance to survive Space Invaders attack! Try different modes to outwit enemies.

This is 2d platformer with some physics. Very unfinished, so consider it a demo.


A, D - move

Spacebar - jump

Ctrl - switch W.R.E.C.T. modes

Enter - use mode special ability

R - restart level

Esc - close the simulation (Use Enter near the chair in this build or Esc again in fixed build to back in simulation.)


Normal - average speed and defence.

Fast - maximum speed and jump, BUT low defence.

Tank - maximum defence, BUT you are very slow and almost can't jump.

Greed - enemies spawn more coins and you can collect it easilier, BUT you can't spend it in this demo anyway, so yeah.

Guns - you can shot an unlimited homing rocket, BUT that ruins whole balance.

Gravity - you can change gravity, BUT great power is great responsibility.

Stealth - enemies can't see you if you standing still, BUT you are pretty helpless.


Game is dramatically unfinished for sure, but also there are some realy major bugs, so here is a version with just these main bugs fixed: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16bJ6NB1zptXKPtBSvZs5KKLdddvlU_W1/view?usp=sharing


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