A Week in Haybrook Town

A Week in Haybrook Town

  • The Green Bean company
  • 1 year ago
  • 60th


You've booked a train ride to Washington, but the closest ride was from Haybrook Town. On your road there, you were robbed and, more importantly, you lost your ride. The next train is in a week and you will somehow have to survive until then. One of your friends lended you ten bucks, but it won't be enough for the entire week. You will have to start gambling. And winning.

THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: -Rock beats Scissors. -Paper beats Rock. -Scissors beat Paper. -Bandage beats only itself, loses against everything else. -Gun beats everything, but loses against itself.

You can also press the keys 1-5 on your keyboard to select the corresponding tool.

Full version coming out (not so) soon! Keep up to date with the itch.io page: https://nnnikki.itch.io/haybrook


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Making this game was a bit of a challenge, because when the jam started, one of my team members went to a wedding or something and I thought that I was left alone for this job. Luckily, he returned the day after and we could finish it. I really like his art and the game would be much worse without his help. That being said, the game was an idea since a long time, but I just got around to making it for this jam. The original was supposed to have 4 weeks of gameplay, but I decided to go with a shorter time. Overall, I think that this is a great building space for the full version and I was really impressed with what we could make. PS A common complaint I hear is that it's boring and easy. That will be fixed. Eventually.

Result 60th