Ye Count of Downe

Ye Count of Downe

  • Tongue Seers
  • 2 years ago
  • 25th

Join the Count of Downe on his quest for warm villager blood. Transform into a bat to reach high places and perform swift attacks before the victims notice you. But beware! - the sun is rising, the villagers are armed and you must make it to your coffin in time before the sunlight gets too strong!

*HTML5 version is a little funky, Windows version recommended.

*Game crashes on death... (but you can continue game!)


1. Sunlight hurts you

Sunlight burning the count

2. Bundles of stakes will hurt you


3. Garlic hurts you

Stinky garlic

4. Attack villagers when they are unarmed ... or they hurt you

Stake stabbing the count

5. Drink as much blood as you can before the blood turns cold

Drinking blood while it is hot

6. Get to your coffin before the timer reaches zero

Enter coffin to win


Left Arrow or A = Move left
Right Arrow or D = Move right
Up Arrow, Space or W = Jump
Double Jump = Bat mode
Double Tap Down Arrow or S = Transform back from bat mode Double Tap Left/Right Arrow or A/D = Dash attack F = Feed on delicious, warm blood (when standing over their corpse)


Pause Button or P = Pause/un-pause

... and don’t forget to post your blood count in the feedback section! :D


Game design by Lone & Simon
Programming by Simon
Graphics by Lone
SFX by Lone & Simon

Blood-soaked regards,
Tongue Seers Tongue Seer in Dracula getup

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  • Tero Hannula

    It was good, but a bit short. My blood count for second try was 728. "You sucked" ... "16l blood" was funny, first playround I thought I was so bad that I sucked, like D -rating or something ^^ Game mechanics worked well, and it was funny that you made music by humming etc. The crys of villagers were bit too loud. Art was good, as pixelart had variety. Also I liked how Dracula spoke to himself for time to time.

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Thank you very much :D We are happy you enjoyed our game ^_^

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    I would've liked some music, and the controls are kinda annoying, but overall a decent game

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Neat game! Very funny idea. I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Thanks Jupiter, we watched it while eating dinner yesterday - it was good fun ^^ The thing you missed was the double-tap left or right to dash/attack :)

  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60

    "You sucked" :c "3L of blood" ..oh.

    • Lacks some kind of music
    • Apparently, the sun is more dangerous than expected:

    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event1 for object Game:

    Unable to find any instance for object index '18' name 'obj_player' at gml_Object_Game_Step_1 stack frame is gml_Object_Game_Step_1 (line -1)

    • What's up with the last level? First time I've done it, when I got to the second part, it had the sun, while in my 2 last attempts, it was night. Is the priest changing the weather?
    • When a villager is on top of another one that I just killed (or knocked out?), I can't attack them

    I love the theme of the game and how different objects damage you. It's not usual to see vampires interact with their environment that way! I also like that the garlic has an area of effect. Controls are coherent to its theme and I like how things damage you! Lovely!

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Thank you, Kwisarts ^_^
      Music is not our strength, but I fully agree with you :) We are aware of the bug/error message, a silly error in my code - woops. The sun rises as you progress through the level, so you were just faster in your two last attempts :D (unless you are playing the html5 version - some weird stuff happens with the background there...)
      We really appreciate all your feedback :D

  • Karoc
    Karoc Karoc Level 2

    Lovely art-style and smooth controls! I would like to play a full version of this game!

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Thank you very much :D We are probably not going to continue development, though we might fix some things, add a few levels, and then upload it to our itch ;)

  • _l3on_
    _l3on_ _l3on_ Level 8

    Nice game, the art is good and the controls are smooth. I love the transition in bat form as well as all other animations.

    It lack a good music and is too short but is ok for a jam game.

    Good job.

    • Lone Lone
      Level 10

      Thank you very much for playing :) We had tons of fun making everything. Especially animation and transitions are fun to make, because they really breath life into the graphics. Again, thanks for playing and giving feedback :)

  • QuibbleCoatl
    QuibbleCoatl QuibbleCoatl Level 11

    Funny and cute, it was well made and the silly voice acting was great. Art was simple but good. The controls were difficult to get the hang of but I was able to zoom around with some practice. Would be great if it was expanded upon.

    I did get a crash error for being unable to find the player at one point however.

    Step Event1 for object Game, Unable to find any instance for object index '18' name 'obj_player'at gml_Object_Game_Step_1

    stack frame is gml_Object_Game_Step_1 (line -1)

    But other than that everything seemed stable. Good job on the game!

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Hi! Thank you very much for the kind feedback and for reporting the bug :) I think you stumbled over the same error I found a few minutes after the deadline, which would be because the game does a check for the player to test whether or not it shall play the humming loop - and I forgot to put a "instance_exists" in there ^^'

  • Adrien Dittrick

    Definitely the best one I've play so far :) Gameplay is on point, Theme is respected,

    Only the music is a bit eh but, jam times.

    The bat physics and eating people were very fun :)

    • Simon Milfred Simon Milfred
      Level 17

      Thank you very much, we are happy you liked it :D
      Sound design is not our top strength - especially not on the clock - but hopefully we will become better at it in time ^^

  • Fachewachewa

    the "you sucked" at the end got me ahah.

    Good audio and visuals, and it's a cool idea, but it's kinda short. I feel like I barely touched the gameplay, especially sucking blood, which doesn't seem necessary, except for the overall score ?

    • Lone Lone
      Level 10

      Thank you very much for playing. Yeah - we thought it was a great joke for a vampire game :D

      Normally when we jam we go through a couple of concepts, but this one just sort of came up first and stayed. And it is short. We always want to make more levels, but never seem to make it in time.

      The blood does actually have a function, but we probably should have done something to highlight that - If you're down on life, sucking blood will restore you to better health. We could have done a "AAAAH, life giving blood. Nectar of the Gods!"-sorta thing, when the count has sucked blood. Or maybe pulsated the health bar to make it more visible. That might have worked better. Either way. Maybe more levels would have made it more needed to suck blood for health. I think there are much potential for the mechanic to be presented some more... And well... Now I'm just ranting and brain storming :P

      Thank again for playing and for the feedback :D

  • Pol L.
    Pol L. Pol L. Level 4

    It's funny, the game mechanics are interesting and there is a great ammount of sprites that makes the game feels complete. The animations are quite cool and the gameplay is enjoyable. I just found that the sound design is a bit less good.

    • Lone Lone
      Level 10

      Thanks for playing our little game. I am getting better and better at the graphics, so I really appreciate that you've noticed :) None of us are very good at sound design, but we did our best to record everything ourselves and find a way to cover for the fact that we couldn't make "real" music for the game. We are quite satisfied with the sound design, but we're also sure it can be done a lot better :)

  • Jamblefoot
    Jamblefoot Jamblefoot Level 8

    This is great. It's got a lot going on, and the audio was simply impeccable. For some reason I tend to not notice directions written on walls and fumbled a bit with the controls, but that's just some classic hair splitting. All told, a really neat little game with awesome sounds. Well done!

    • Lone Lone
      Level 10

      Thank you very much! Last jam we attended we were disqualified for using sound from other artists (we unfortunately forgot the rules about that), so we really buckled down for some more work on that area this time. We're really happy you enjoyed the game, so thank you very much for playing :D

  • FoxFX
    FoxFX FoxFX Level 2

    The audio for this game was fun. You and your partner put a lot of effort on the visuals of this game and I feel that was well done with the time limit of this jam.

    I had some concerns about how tricky it was for the controls of turning into a bat and attacking. I have though that using the Q & E keys could be a better substitute.

    Good platformer with a good level design to lead players to the games mechanics.

    • Lone Lone
      Level 10

      Thank you very much for playing our game and liking it. We really enjoyed making it, so we're happy that others enjoy it too :D

      I agree - the control can be tricky. It seems to be a recurring issue for us, so we've agreed to challenge ourselves for the next jam and not make a platformer and also try to be more inventive on the controls :)