Time Bomb Set: Get Out Fast

Time Bomb Set: Get Out Fast

  • adrian09_01
  • 1 year ago
  • 59th



You're Sam Aron, the legendary bounty hunter. You wake up in a cave and need to escape before the time bomb goes off. The time bomb is set off to explode in 10 minutes. You need to get all of your upgrades back and escape the cave.


Left/right arrow - move

X - jump

Z - shoot

C - switch weapons

~Jam disclaimer~

The HTML5 port is quite heavy and it lags because of all the nice effects this game uses. You really should get the downloadable version.


Programming, music and level design by adrian09_01

Graphics by Valor

Made in 48h for the GM48 jam. Theme: Countdown

~Itch.io link~




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