Super SpaceShip

Super SpaceShip

  • Ellian
  • 1 year ago
  • 3rd


This is the SSS mission. FOR SPACE! As Commander Spacey McSpaceface, it is your duty to ensure that this rocket liftoff.

Last minute button fiddling is to be expected. Thankfully, you know this rocket's main panel like the back of your hand.

Main Gameplay

Simply click around, and make sure the rocket goes through its liftoff sucessfully!

Known issue:

  • The timer is never reset, even upon game over or victory. You'll have to restart the game! Sorry...


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  • David Tirado Leiro

    I may be biased since I'm a big fan of yours, but man oh man, you outdid yourself.

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 50

    Cute, simple, super fun! It's a blast to see all these buttons and see the spaceship take off/fall! I also love how each run is different with the buttons being placed elsewhere!

    Too bad for the reset bug!

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Thank you!

      And yeah it's such a stupid bug, I wish I had noticed it earlier. :( Oh well

  • voxeledphoton

    First of all graphics are phenomenal! That timer bug made me laugh same with all the button names and preemptively pressing the GO button. Transition is smooth like butter, and random button placement is a nice touch. Had a load of fun with this one, great job!

  • baku
    baku baku Level 41 Patron

    That was wonderful.

    At first I thought I needed to go through the things in sequence, so I died failed quite a few times until I understood that I just needed to spam click every button except ignite, haha. RIP those astronatus 😢

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Ahahah yeah, I made some stuff a bit obtuse, I'm sorry. Glad you had fun though!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    This a really neat game with a super clever take on the theme. The core concept is pretty unique and I enjoyed seeing all the silly functions of the buttons on the control panel. It took me a few tries to get right but it was fun doing so. I wish it was a bit was a bit more obvious you had to wait to press the go button as that messed me up once. The visuals and audio are all very well made as help sell the theme of the game. I really like the animation of the the rocket just collapsing when you fail to press the right buttons.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Yeah the game isn't as clear as it should, especially with the last ignition, but heh, game jams right? eheh

      Thanks anyway, I'm happy you enjoyed it !

  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Funny, well made game! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Fuck yeah I will take a look Jupi :D Thanks as always <3

  • Fachewachewa

    I absolutely loved it!

    Of course it's a little simple, but you make up for it with the fun names and the random layout. I just had a little gripe: sometimes you get buttons on top of the display and you can't really see if you found the right stuff or no (I mean, you can but you have to move your arm) In my firsts runs when I wasn't sure about the names it led me to skip one or two "good" buttons.

    And of course I would have liked different types of game over depending on which buttons you didn't press, but that's a lot of work :D

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      There's a bit of die and retry in the way you have to understand how buttons work that is not great. My mistake! And yeah I wanted some penalties for when you hit the wrong button, but obviously I ran out of time ahah

      Thank you for your feedback anyway!

  • var MP;
    var MP; var MP; Level 3

    Loved it. I wish you'd made clear the fact that, once you had everything in place, you had to wait for the last seconds in order to ignite.

    The bug was a shame, as this game requires a bit of repetition in order to get right! Also, when you do fix it, try to make the intro less long for the second time you play it. Something like "Let's see if you get it right this time, Spacey McSpaceface. 3.. 2.. 1.."

    Cool, coooool game. I enjoyed it.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Yeah, there are a few quality of life improvement and gameplay features that are definitely missing ahah; the fact you have to wait and do nothing if you finish early is really a mistake on my part.

      But yeah, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. <3

  • Ajmal Rizni
    Ajmal Rizni Ajmal Rizni Level 10

    Brilliant concept for the theme! It took me a while to complete, so I had a few stressful last-second moments which were nice. Beautiful art as usual, gameplay feels great, although it took a little too much click spamming to win. By the way, I think there's a bug where sometimes they tell me it's too late as soon as the countdown starts, so I had to restart a few times. Good work!

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Wow, awesome! I was hoping someone would get the last minute stress, which this was supposed to be all about :D

      It absolutely is click spammy, because I didn't get a chance to implement penalty buttons ahah

      And yeah, the countdown never resets even if you gameover, you had to restart the game. Silly bug to left in. :(

  • W4sD
    W4sD W4sD Level 1

    Fun little game with really unique take on on the theme! I'd love to see this on mobile, or a little release on steam, gives much vibes from "Please, don't touch anything" except I'm touching EVERYTHIN! :D ... Game bugs out on restart so that the timer/countdown is always on 0, but game is quick to restart so no biggie! .. Really nice!

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Dunno about mobile, or maybe you'd have to press the button twice, since you can't really hover to get the button name...

      ... maybe if clicking on a button brought up a popup with the name and a bigger render of the button, so you'd actually have to do some special inputs (tapping, sliding, opening a shell before pressing, holding, whatever :D)... eheh that could work. I'm too busy for that though... But thank you :D

  • mediyaz
    mediyaz mediyaz Level 9

    OKAY straight off the bat - the art is incredible and just screams THIS IS GON BE FUN.

    I love the pixel art smeary animation stuff - and the gorgeous procedural-generated dashboards that all fit together nicely and look so cute and the buttons so pressable.

    The concept for the game is GREAT - reminds me very much of Spaceteam but manages to capture that frantic-and hilarious-interaction-with-technology thing in a single player game.

    The little boot sequence tutorial at the beginning is really smart and really makes me really excited for the button pushing.

    I really enjoyed your game - didn't care about the countdown resetting thing - that s**t happens.

    OH and I can tell the fun you had coming up with all those button name/functions - I think when a designer has fun making a game, it kind of bleeds through to the player's experience too.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Eheh, I had a lot of fun with the button names, but didn't really came up with them myself :D I asked twitter to help and people were very generous, showering me with fun names. I love it when a jam lets you get help from people in some degree :)

      But yeah, glad you liked it! I wish the buttons did more so there's actual thinking to do, but I'm super happy you were excited :)

  • Jean-Bernard G

    It's really a good game. The gameplay is nice and the pixel art is great. It's so sad that the countdown don't reset when you restart the game.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Yeah, I'm very salty about it ahah; I just left a persistent box ticked on the timer object... I'm sorry!

      Thanks for the feedback though! <3

  • Lord_404
    Lord_404 Lord_404 Level 4

    The best art ive seen so far on this jam, sadly you just read and press buttons, you don't even have to read you can just spam your way through.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Eheh, that's fair. I wish I had had time to add some penalties for pressing the wrong buttons, but yeah, gameplay wise it's nothing that compelling. I just wanted to make something finished within the time limit.

      Thanks though!

  • Chris
    Chris Chris Level 13

    It's pretty well done. I'm the other rocket ship game guy. Totally different. I like it.

    unique animations for almost correct vs totally incorrect would be cool to see.

    • Ellian Ellian
      Level 5

      Eheh, I wanted to make a 2nd level where you'd have to blow a giant asteroid, too. But hey, couldn't get there in time. Thanks though!


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