Collect gems to increase your score and add abilities to your loop.

Evade and fight off enemies using your looping abilities. Each time you use an ability, the next one in your loop is automatically selected.

Controls (Keyboard or Gamepad)

Use the arrow keys to determine the direction of your selected ability.

Title Screen: Any key to continue.

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  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Really, really cool idea for a strategy game! I personally really liked the artstyle (when I was a beginner I also made such sprites). You could definately expand on this.

  • WangleLine 🌸

    Definitely a cool bunch of mechanics, it's very easy to grasp! I'd work a bit on the color palette of your game, but other than that it's really neat!~

    Night Fuss

    Night Fuss

  • Atomic
    Lv. 19

    I really liked it. Great music, and cool mechanic. I'd like to play of it, but it could use a bit of balancing. The weapons were interesting and once you understood how the game worked, I started having fun. The sprites were cute, and Halloween themed which I can always appreciate. If you end up expanding the game that'd be sweet.

    Deer Lord

    Deer Lord

  • trolog
    Lv. 6

    A really cool again from you, once again more people should be playing your submissions, The last 2 seem to have really hidden depth.

    I love games like this because they make you think a few moves a head, you HAVE to pick up an item to advance your score and yes it can give you a power up but pick wrong and you could be punished later on. Very clever and I really like it!

    It took me a little bit to fully understand what was going on, I guess this could have been changed to make it more obvious or have a very quick non text tutorial.

    Music matched the chill style of grid games, and it had nice sound effects also.

    I ADORE black cats so a huge thumbs up from me just for this alone, I like the play on words "familiar rhythm" which made me think it was going to be a cat rhythm game at first.

    Can't wait to see your next submissions, could you please link me to some of your work,

  • David Yates
    Lv. 2

    Interesting concept. I was a confused about how the game worked at first, but I figured it out after flailing through my first playthrough. On my third playthrough, I think I found the winning formula: load up with weapons, have a couple of heals, and leave one square for movement. It makes you really slow, but means you can dispatch or tank anything that comes your way.

  • Aviox
    Lv. 2

    This is a cool idea! Nice to see a turn-based strat game.



  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Very fun and unique game!

    What I liked: -The unique concept. I never played anything like this! -The tune is catchy -addictive gameplay, once you get the hang of it

    What I'd like to see improved: -The graphics a tad too pretty simple, but they get the job done -The gameplay took me a few moments to figure out what I'm even doing, but I guess that's normal for such unique mechanics

    Overall very fun, makes you feel like a tactics genius if you time everything right!

    Evil Loop

    Evil Loop

  • g0ldent0y
    Lv. 5

    Love the concept. Easy to understand. Simple but fun.

  • Kylazaur
    Lv. 5

    It's a... different game but still had a lot of fun with it, took me a little bit to understand what was going on and to figure out what did what but once i understood, i had fun, good job ^-^