Hey there. You must be the new hire for this old dig site. The mines are touch understaffed. You will have to handle the collection of gold yourself. Not only that but there is a bit of a catch. We only have this one cart and this bungee cord. I guess you'll have to use the track loop to get close enough to the gold to pick it up. I don't care how you do it. Just get it done. Oh and you only have about a minute for each job. Good luck.

If you happen to pick up a spider, just let them loose at the drop off site. That will keep upper management away.

Left and right arrow key movement. Enter to select or continue. M to turn down volume. N to silence music. R to restart.

Game by Liam Nobel.

Music by kbjwes77.

Update: Apologies for the end game screen on HTML5. Apparently my font in HTML5 is missing a character and GameMaker really doesn't like it. The screen should be okay for the Windows application.

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