Giga Gap

In the middle of nowhere lies a fancy fortress protected by a magic pencil. Many have tried to conquer it, but they all have been bested by the pencils magic drawings. It is now preparing an army to take over the whole world. And the only one capable of stopping it is you. Cut out a loop around the castle and save the scissor babies.

Keyboard Controls:
  • Walk - WASD or Arrows
  • Enter - Space or Z
  • Retry - R
  • Fullscreen - F4

Gamepad Controls:
  • Walk - Lstick
  • Enter - A/B/X/Y
  • Retry - Start/Select

  • Knutone - Player and castle design, Music
  • Fred (Natan) - Player animation
  • Ivar - Everything else

Known issues:
  • The macOS version is just another project
  • The loops sometimes don't generate as expected (Or not at all).
  • Enemies can get stuck in walls
  • If the last enemy explodes to death, the goal won't spawn and you will need to restart the room.
  • Collisions may cause the game to freeze.
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  • Fachewachewa

    I really like how the game is themed, but I have to agree with Kwis, collisions were a big issue here.

    It's ok most of the time, but when there's a lot of enemies or walls, it just gets too hard and feels random. I had to stop on level 6 I think, which was just lots of walls and bombs, because I missed the fact that a level wouldn't complete if the last enemy exploded. It already took me soooooo much time to beat this level.

    I know it's hard to make content with so little time, but really try to avoid levels that make your "bugs" even worse :(

    Oh and having the exit spawn in an arbitrary place is kinda punishing for a game where you constantly make walls :D

    But other than that it's a really cool game!

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Love the idea/gimmick and the crayon look (although I think it could have been emphasized way more; it's nice in pixel art and all but perhaps digital painting would have sold the idea better)
    • If the game starts in fullscreen, let the escape key exit, if you don't know the controls it forces you to fiddle around until you manage to get out of fullscreen
    • Collisions for me are the weakness of the game, considering the game relies on them a lot. It's pretty hard to tell when you're gonna hit an enemy or not; and because the game (rather) slowly fades when you die, you can only count on an auditive cue to notice you hit (while a death sprite or a visual effect would have helped)
    • Not sure the cutout should act as an obstacle. It's interesting because it forces you to cut carefully, but on the other hand it really makes it a hassle, especially with the "imprecise" collisions.
    • Besides, the hitboxes seem rather big. Especially with bigger enemies
    • Bigger enemies make the difficulty skyrocket in my opinion. I quit the level where there are like... eyes connected by red wires. Not only are they bigger, which makes them harder to trap, but on top of that, they don't die immediately, which makes them a bigger threat because you had to sacrifice space to hit them
    • Speaking of which, what was that enemy? It didn't seem to fit the game
    • Loved that the cutout you make reveals a hidden "picture" (though I would have liked that picture to depend on levels rather than always being the same)
    • the snip snip sound effect for the scissors is pretty neat
    Night Fuss

    Night Fuss

      Lv. 36
      • I totally agree. We have a tendency to always stick to the same, pixelated art style. My artist only uses MS paint for some reason.
      • Lack of Time :(
      • At least I made a death sound.
      • We did Plan that you would be able to walk through your holes. But if you could go through your holes, you would expect them to work like a part of your trail. You would expect to be able to expand holes, make loops by connecting holes, and your trail should split every time you enter a hole. Maybe I would have done that if I had some more time. I had to make most of the game myself.
      • I will think about that in the future.
      • I won’t defend the difficulty. I can barely complete it myself.
      • Umm, it used to be a black box so I drew something quick in the last hours.
      • Did you notice that it is a picture of every nominated theme. Though most of the themes are too far away to be seen.
      • Oh, I forgot to credit two of my younger brothers for making that sound.

      Continue making critical feedback. It’s super helpful :)

  • Atomic
    Lv. 19

    This is probably my favourite entry I've played so far. It has the same aesthetic as Crayon Physics, which I adore, and a pretty unique mechanic. The way it's presented, with the rulers and pencils, to those a**hole ducks. It's just a super neat game, I loved the ending, but played past it until the game crashed.

    Cozy and fun.

    Deer Lord

    Deer Lord

  • llemeliell
    Lv. 15

    Yall forgot to contact me smh, i waited for yall i was ready to pump out some cover art!

    Giga Gap

    Giga Gap

  • trolog
    Lv. 6

    Hey firstly, I like the creative idea behind using a loop to cut out enemies, at first glance I thought it was sorta like Tron with scissors haha, I am curious to how you managed this mechanic though!

    I think you did well to have a map system in the game.

    So the cons, you already know it has bugs, had one with a surface bug and another that caused the game to crash and I had to close in task manager which I believe you're aware off! I know if you could go back you'd dedicate more time fixing them so it's a good learning experience!

    The game was actually a lot harder than i thought it was going to be, I just couldn't get past level 4, with the Scissor friends, I just couldn't stop the bombs from either getting me or them :( poor guys. But! Before then I felt the levels were well laid out and offered a balanced difficulty increase per level. It's really hard to have time to play test a game to provide this balance so well done on this.

    I know the art was simple, but you kept it consistent at least!

      Lv. 36

      nooo, you didn't see all the content.

      Yeah, I realized the game was too hard today when my brothers played it. I know that the top games usually are relatively easy and short but I still always make mine way too hard. I didn't have any testers because I made all the levels in the middle of the night.

      You wondered how the loop system work. The path is saved in a ds_list of points (with a point for every turn). When you connect with your a line, it creates a list of all the points in the loop along with the intersetction point (which has to be calculated). I then used a script called polygon_to_triangles form to convert it to a list of triangles. Theese triangles can then be drawn to the screen using primitives. The collisions are calculated using inside_polygon (also from GMLscripts)

      So there are no surfaces at all. Exept later in the game where you can cut out chunks of larger enemies.

      This took me most of the first day to make and at one point I almost thought I had to give up :<

  • Kylazaur
    Lv. 5

    Welp I somehow broke the game and had to task manager end task the game xD, a simple concept, the enemies made it a little easy entering the path you were cutting for them and it would of been nice for some of them to stop the path instead of get touch you get death, i had fun with the game though ^^

  • WangleLine 🌸
    • It would be nice if there was a way to get back to the world map. I accidentally went back a level and had to redo it, because I wasn't able to get back.
    • A little indicator that tells me which button I have to press in the world map to get started would be nice. Upon opening the game for the first time, I had to bash my head onto the keyboard a few times until I found out that you can enter levels with space!
    Night Fuss

    Night Fuss

      Lv. 36

      Wow, that's a short list of critique. I had a pause menu on my to do list, But you know, I can't make everything. You can also enter levels with Z. I thought those two were the only buttons anyone would try. Thanks for playing :D