You arrive at the towers gate in the dead of night with blade in hand. As the rain continues to fall you gaze at the silhouette of the tower. The kingdom is in need of a hero, and you have come to answer the call. The evil wizard Zardan has used his magic to amass an army of monsters. On top of that he stands at the top of his tower performing a ritual That if completed will bring the kingdom to ruin. With your sword SpellBane in hand, you must climb the tower. And put an end to this mad mage once and for all.


Full Game-Pad support

arrow keys - move

A key - jump

S Key - attack

Shift key - special

Enter Key - Map

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  • Fachewachewa

    Honestly the bats were harder to deal with than the boss :D It's a very good game overall, but I still have some nitpicks!

    • The sword attack on release is very weird. I get that it's for the slash powerup but.. it's REALLY weird. Especially while fighting bats, it's surprisingly hard to let go of the attack button while jumping.
    • I'm not sure how it's working, but iframes and knowback seem to be too low against bats, half of the time once they hit me they end up killing me in a few quick hits.
    • Kwis already mentioned it but the blind jumps are an issues, there's 2 or 3 main places where enemies are just waiting for you right where you fall.
    • Stairs going through the ground were a bit weird. I get that there's a state for stairs or something like that, but I usually want to jump at the end of stairs in 2D games and this game is punishing me hard for it :D
    • Some of the background spites were a little confusing and read as foreground.
    • And finally, the level design was a bit uninspired. I know it's supposed to be a tower and all, but I think I would have preferred if you gated the main tower earlier. It's not clear where you're supposed to go, and you end up have to do the whole tower before getting to a dead end. A simple double jump would have worked here. And I was a little disappointed to find that many upgrades at once in the caves.

    But the power up worked really nicely and it felt great to master the game with those!

    Oh and I have to say it: the music was great!

    Lv. 36

    You made a metroidvania in 48 hours! And it's not a barebones wannabe metroidvania but one with real progression and a retro feel. I love the art, the music, the levels and the controls. I'm a fan!

    Some say it's too long, but I don't think it would be the same if you shortend it. It wouldn't be a metroidvania without progression. And everything worked absoluteley fine for me.

    The boss is a little bit on the easier side. I completed it on my first try, but you need to account for some less skilled people (cough Peter Jörgensson).

  • baku

    Decent little (ok, kinda long for a 48h jam game) Castlevania-like. Some of the controls and movement felt a little off, and the game was quite buggy (the oddest one I found being if you stand at the perfect distance from a door, the door sound plays over and over again, the best comparison for this noise being the sound of a chainsaw). I feel like if you had cut one mechanic and polished the rest of the game up, the overall experience might have been better.

  • Tero Hannula

    "Story of Shaggy: Gaining Ultimate Form"

    Oh no, my game crashed to not finding player :c I had dash, walljump etc. already :( oh well, I had already watched game on stream, so luckily I know how this ends ^^ Game and music were good, character's attack could have been a bit faster. Kwis already stated pretty much everything what I would have said ^^ Though walljumps felt good enough. But I am amazed how much content you managed to push there , well done :)

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      So funny thing, like two jams ago I deiced that I'm done making original characters for jam-game. So I started just using my avatar instead. . . . So I guess that makes me shaggy?

      oh no not another crash! honestly I don't know how the game loses the player, nothing can delete the player . . .

      Yeah, large content when descent polish is the singleshot quality, or better said my goal every Jam.

      But I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, so thank you! and thanks for the feed back too!

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I'm really sorry, your game is full of content so i might only focus on things I think you could improve, leaving less space for praise. Some might not be very important but details I personally saw

    • controls feel rather stiff, perhaps because the sword immobilizes you. Makes the game feel harder than it should be because the controls become your enemy. Especially against agile enemies like bat
    • Shouldn't it be "us s OR d" for the sword? it got me confused, i thought something would happen if I held both
    • I didn't feel like the background offered a lot of contrast with Shaggy... i mean the main character.
    • enemies shoot fast, only leaving you a very small window to move forth when ducking
    • Would have liked something to tell me when I'm low on health cause death kind of comes in by complete surprise
    • your sprite being diagonal when going down slope is a nice touch but... it shouldn't be that way, you'd fall. When we're standing up, on a slope or anywhere else, we're straight. A better accomodation of slopes would have been just adapting the feet to match the slope imo. I am guessing you made this to attack monsters going on slopes, but it also makes you more vulnerable to bats as a results
    • camera jitters when moving on platforms sometimes
    • bats coming from below are too hard to dodge
    • several leap of faiths with monster beneath, making hits unavoidable. An issue considering this is before the first power up, very early in the game
    • invincibility frames are so, so short. Especially considering you get stunned for a short amount of time
    • being in stairs prevent you from attacking. not sure why this is a thing
    • wall jumps! felt inuntuitive to me and kind of an added difficulty because you gotta hold the opposite direction and only then press space. But since you're still holding that direction, you gotta hold the opposite quite quickly before touching the other wall. It feels more tricky than it should be. My intuition always push me to the opposite direction, but doing so while wall riding makes me fall. Possible solution would be to still stick on the wall even without pressing anything so that i have more control over the jump. (then pressing left or down could unstick me). That way, i can keep pressing jump to wall jump instead of intricately difficult direction swaps. I end up wanting to predict what is the opposite direction i need to press in a very specific moment. That's a rather small window so the mechanical part of this feels unintuitive and kind of delayed. Another solution would to have more momentum before needing to swap direction.
    • wall jumps are especially an issue with bigger gap, where gaining altitude gets significantly harder. the first time this gap appears is when a knight is in the middle, not the safest way to get introduced to that
    • Oh we can kill them nevermind
    • speaking of which, knights hitboxes are insane
    • sometimes the enemy health loops a few times when they die
    • Initially thought the blue blocks were collideable walls, got me confused over a pit, so i died
    • going up platforms ("big stairs") may make you wall jump unintentionally
    • Would have liked the boss' attack to be a bit more unpredictable. He always has the same patterns; for example, he could shoot 4 fireballs instead of three, or start with the fireball that requires to jump
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    My favorite of the jam. There are some definite minor bugs but I think overall the game really demonstrates that you know how to design a fun experience. The level design was great, each spell felt great to wield. Overall a solid tiny Metroidvania. ...or in this case, maybe just Castlevania haha.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      That makes me happy to hear you think so highly of it!

      yeah, I was coding it solo, with little to no sleep the whole time. I just wish I patched the noticeable ones.

      but even when I made mental notes of things my mind wondered and I forgot about it by the time I was patching other major bugs.

      I always try to make full "experiences" when building my jam games, while polishing up as much as possible.

      I feel like I did a good job on this one over all.

      anyways thanks for the feed back and playing my game!

  • Panda-K
    Lv. 17

    Really solid for a jam game, I played it all the way to the end while making my friend watch :)

    Charge attack didn't seem to be very helpful, but otherwise the powerups were fun to use.

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

      the charge attack was suppose to be a broken optional power up, dealing 5 times the damage of a normal slash with only a charge up time of 2.

      I think the biggest issue of it is that it doesn't work on the knights.

      honestly I should have made it able to pierce their shields. at reduced damage or something.

      anyways I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks again!

  • Nyveon

    Great game with lots of content considering the time frame. My feedback would be that the control scheme is a bit weird, and can feel unresponsive at times. I also feel the eyeball guys fire a bit too fast, but maybe I'm just bad at this type of game. Overall, well done!

  • Yosi
    Lv. 42

    The music, art, and gameplay all fit together quite well. The only real problems I found were the hitboxes of the enemies (mainly the knights with the swords and shields), the enemy healthbar glitch, and the crash that I got towards the end of the game. The power ups were not very unique, but they were fun to get and executed well. Overall I think this is a great game :)

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      Thanks for playing!

      I guess the hit-boxes could use some tweaking.

      i wanted the knights to feel threatening so I made their hit boxes ad damage reflect that, but I may have over done it.

      yeah the health bar glitch was my fault, I forgot to clamp it, so if you over killed the monster the hp would under-flow sending the animation out of wack.

      the power ups are they way they are because I'm still not use to metroidvania design. so instead I tried to make a solid attempt at the basics rather then unique powers.

      anyways, thanks for the feed back and for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  • Scientixel
    Lv. 6

    Really liked this game! The anitmations on the stairs aren't perfect, but It was still really good. There was basically nothing wrong, the artstyle is great, it works great, and there ar emultiple features. There where some jumps however I thought that more relied on being pixel perfect than skilled, but overall this is a really good jam game!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago


      I'm just glad they work as well as they do in all honesty, but the animation looks bad because I didn't make unique sprites just for it, and just used the normal walking sprite, oh well. . .

      Pixel perfect jumps? sounds like a nes-hard feature! more realistic that way! you think the evil wizard is just gonna make it easy for you to climb his tower? what does he care he can teleport!

      but in all seriousness I tried to make most jumps easy in player reach, while also limiting the player route choices viva power-up progression, so I'm not supriced stuff like that sliped by my notice.

      Anyways Thanks for playing the game and leaving feedback! I'm glad you like the game so much!

  • Patrick
    Lv. 13

    I've played a lot of jam games in my time but this is likely one of the most complete and well put together games I've played.

    I didn't get to the end but I got to the second health boost - I hit enter and it exited on me so I'll call it a day there. Great job!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      Not sure how enter can exit the game, But I am really glad you enjoyed it! I always pour my all in to these games, and I barely finished everything I wanted in the game on time.

      I kinda gambled on the pre-planing and pour all my energy in brainstorming form this theme. I was able to add almost everything I planed for it, besides a couple different monster types.

      any ways thank you for playing and leaving feed back.

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    Graphics are a pretty solid NES style, which I absolutely adore! The only think sticking out (in a not so good way) is the player character.

    I get a great feel of adventure, from the intro, to the map really feels like i'm accomplishing something! I'm a sucker for these games.

    Sadly, I ran into an fatal crash after collecting the health upgrade after obtaining the dash (across the wide chasm)

    "Unable to find any instance for object index '4' name 'obj_player' at gml_Object_obj_control_Step_0"

    Because of this, I was not able to finish it for now, progress was wiped. I'll give it another go this evening, bc i really wanna finish this game! :D

    Good job, anyway!

    EDIT: could finish the game now without encountering the bug again :) Nice boss fight that needs you to use all your unlocked skills!



    • singleshot
      Lv. 41
      singleshot Coder of SG: terror Tower

      3yrs ago

      I always spend a lot of time on tile sprite work, So I'm glad it came out well. The player was the first thing I made, so I guess the art direction started to shift after I got into it. but I really didn't want to change it, not like I had the time to anyways.

      I'm also a fan of metroidvania style games, which is why I wanted to try and make one again.

      Not sure how that happened, there is no where in the code that deletes the player, so something must have bugged with the GMs2 base engine, or I over looked something in my sleep deprived state. :/

      anyways I'm glad you like it enough to want to replay it. Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feed back!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    3yrs ago

    great game amazing soundtrack

    7/10 too much water

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Insane amounts of content for a jam game and overall quite well polished, art and music were also a high note and the only problems over the whole experience were some minor glitches.

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