In a land of cute, bouncy slimes, what would you do to defend your homeland? Collect and command your forces while you can!


Hatch and command slimebabies to defend your base from slimemeanies! Click and drag a slime to tell it to go where you'd like. As you defeat more meanies, more slimes will grow to be at your disposal!

  • Move Camera - WASD, Arrows, or Right Mouse Button
  • Zoom Camera - Mouse Scrollwheel, or Page Up/Down
  • Command Slime - Click and Drag
  • Wake up Slime - Click
  • Ping Slimes - Click on Ground
Notable Features:
  • Procedural Challenges so it stays fresh to replay over and over again.
  • Several Built-In Maps tuned for unique experiences.
  • Custom Map importer so you can customize or create entirely new maps via a simple .png to play on or share a collection with your friends
  • 9 Song Original Soundtrack by:
    • Nynja (Space Dungeon / Suh Burb)
    • Dot Minus (Battle Chef Brigade and Sausage Sports Fest)
Watch it be made:
  • I streamed ALL 48 hours of its development without stopping, most of which with the team on a call. If you want to watch these crazy hijinks and occasional sleep deprivation consequences, you can enjoy them all on my Twitch Channel, or click directly to the 48 hour VOD here.
The Team:


  • Chris Bradel (Chrscool8)



Special Thanks:

  • Ragnarok9x
  • Matt M.
  • Christian Cortez

Tips/Heads Up:
  • Slimes inside the base circle get an extra hit point
  • Huuuuge custom maps may take a couple seconds to load on some hardware but should be self optimized after that
  • Don't hit Escape twice in a row during gameplay, it was implemented the last minute, haha
  • Have fun! Thank you for playing! :)
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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Good game! I included it in my GM48: Collect! compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • baku

    Oh hey, this is pretty cu-

    *slime dies*

    This was cool! The difficulty curve, at least on the title map (haven't tried others/custom ones yet) could use some work. I got completely overwhelmed by enemies fairly quickly >.< But other than that this was well done! You don't see isometric games in GM that often, and moving the slimes around by dragging a path was unique. Really cool that you managed to put in an image-based map loader!



  • Ellian
    Lv. 6

    Lost with a poor score of 63 - damn it's really hard to get all these slimes in place, but technically it's pretty goddamn cool! It takes a while to start, and I feel like the general pacing could be tighter, but the idea is simple and efficient! I just wish I had had more time to manage all my slimes ahah

  • Swisspick
    Lv. 9

    Solid entry, being able to only select one slime at a time was kinda annoying sometimes though :I I enjoyed the art and music alot!



  • Seltzy

    Really nice presentation but the game itself falls a little short. My first few minutes were just me helplessly watching my base be attacked because no slimes were spawning nearby and they took ages to travel. Once things picked up I was a little less helpless but it ultimately wasn't too captivating. A few more mechanics and quality of life changes would do this game wonders though.

    Art and music are excellent. :)

    I made a map for fun and the top half of the map got chopped off after loading in. It seems the map was still there but it was covered in black. This is the map: map

    Mad respect for streaming your entire dev process. I did the same thing once and it was exhausting (more than usual).

    Great work!

    • Chris Bradel
      Chris Bradel Coder of Slime Fields

      3yrs ago

      @Seltzy the game at it’s 48 hour release is really good for how much we packed into it in such a short amount of time. Chris basically typed full speed for 48 hours with no breaks (see vid).

      Unfortunately I had to work Sunday so I missed out on the whole last day, which left it all entirely on Chris’s shoulders to finish and release a final package. Supporting him, and any artistic stuff that I could have done for him, he ended up having to find a way to do himself with what I had already given him while also programming. A lot of the glamorous and useful tools and mechanics we wanted to add simply fell down the priority list to get the game into a playable state. Things like lasso tools, speed balancing, alternate enemy types just didn’t have time to make it in.

      We’ve worked pretty much every day since then on it though and after the voting process is up we’ll be really excited to show how far it’s already come even in just the last few days.

      And yeah the map editor is an awesome tool I hope more people play around with. Adds a lot of fun cause you can mess with different map styles.

      Thanks for the feedback



      Thanks for the feedback! That map is super cute! The cut off thing is something I found the last minute and was so sad about haha. Sometimes maps wider than tall will do that. Rotate it 90° and it should work no problemo!


  • kbjwes77
    Lv. 19

    Went from cute slime defense to chaotic large-scale slime battle in about three minutes flat. Very polished in almost every aspect of the game. Music was enjoyable, custom map "editor" was a nice touch. Only complaint was only allowing the player to select a single slime at a time. A fresh game that had me replaying a few times. Great work!



  • Sparked99
    Lv. 5

    Really like the art and liked the line drawing mechanic for the slime pathfinding

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    Cool! It plays a bit slower than I wanted it to, but I like the general concept you have going on here for sure. I wasn't able to figure out how to spawn additional slime though. Love the isometric art style (are you using 'Tiled' for the maps?) and the music is cute and catchy.

    • Chris Bradel
      Chris Bradel Coder of Slime Fields

      3yrs ago

      Thanks! As you defeat more baddies, more slime eggs will also show up. Everything is 100% done from scratch, no external programs! (Besides, like, Aseprite for drawing and FL for music. :) )

  • Hyper Freeze Games
    Lv. 17

    First of all, the look of the game is amating! Looks and feels very polished. It gets a bit repetitive after a while, but it fun to play, nonetheless. I also always liked games with map editors, so I'll play around in it some more, for sure! :D

  • The Great Gatsby
    Lv. 9

    really tough! fun and great SFX, but it would be better if I could multi-select slime, just to make things faster



  • kyle
    Lv. 5

    an unforgettable weekend. an amazing game

  • Chris

    I thought the artwork was great and the game used a lot of original ideas. Zooming in and out felt good and the path finding was really cool. Great game.

  • Dr_Dabs
    Lv. 5

    I really like the gameplay, however more often then not I find it difficult to manage my slimes because they're super tiny and blend in with the surroundings. Other than that it's an awesome game!



  • CaptainPDA
    Lv. 1

    Great games, very addictive. Praise The

Good times, guys! I kept working on the project after the competition and added most of the upgrades that we wanted to or were suggested!

You can check it out on itch here.

Some of the big changes include:

  • Slime Multiselect (Drag Box)
  • Main Menu that integrates all your levels and shows scores [screenshot]
  • Online Highscores for all levels, even ones you create and share, yourself!
  • Several types of enemies [screenshot]
  • Multi-colored slimes with generated names [screenshot]
  • Slime consignment around bases to form a solid defense [video]
  • Slime physicality [video]
  • More Balanced Difficulty

Try it out! Let me know how it goes! Have fun! :D

Result 22nd