Zero Reset -

after waking up from a nap, you find a evil dragon has awoken as well!

with only 10 seconds you must save the world and defeat the Dragon!

This Was My first Game Jam Ever

And it Was super fun!

I wish I could do more for this project, but I'm a coder not a artist!

I hope you enjoy!

Controls- both game pad and keyboard works.

z/A button == jump/menu

left right arrow keys/ d-pad == move

down arrow/d-pad == duck/slide

R key/Y button == reset

ESP to End game


music from GameMaker: Marketplace

Progressive BGM Pack by Mad_Labz

Chiptune Rock Pack 1 by Grumble Labs

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Neat game! I included it in my GM48: Countdown compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Background colors are too bright, making it more difficult to distinguish foreground to background
    • Too much acceleration! Should be a bit more subtle. Like, reaching full speed shouldn't take so much time; this way you can adjust the maximum speed. As a result, the player slides easily and is harder to control. In a game relying on timing, it's best to optimize the movements
    • I wish the music was created during the 48 hours time frame. It was good but I'm not keen on using art (visual/music) from the marketplace, even if it's apparently not against the rules :/
    • Barely used the crouch-sliding. Was it useful for something?
    • The ragdoll time feels a bit too restrictive, when getting hit, you are incapacitated "à la Castlevania", meaning it leads to your death where pits are close. Something we find more in your game, also in pace.

    During the boss:

    • Cutscene needs to be skippable, it was annoying to see the text over and over again.
    • Speaking of which, find a way to differentiate dialogue cause the first line of dialogue is you while the rest is the dragon, but nothing indicates you which is which except the context (but it's not the best way to understand who's talking)
    • Jumping on the side while the hand touches you makes you bug to hell and you disappear, then reapear from the top of the screen. Really annoying.
    • Don't know if it's the intended procedure, but the easiest way I found to deal with him is jump on the side of the wall to wall jump on his head. Most reliable way cause he sometimes doesn't even use his hands.
    • Because of the high pool of life of the dragon, you're forced to find the most easiest way to beat him, which is the manoeuvre I mentioned above. It doesn't seem to be the intended way, but his hands not being very convenient and his high pool of life leaves you no choice.

    Not much characters left for the good part sadly. You don't seem to be in the discord channel? So in short, nice feels, lots of content, I like the story, etc

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for the feed back!

      • Honestly the background colors never occurred to me, I guessed they could have been toned down.

      • The acceleration is a tricky one. I tweaked until it felt great for me to play. but by the responses many people felt it was off.

      • Yeah, I understand that feeling. but I have zero musical talent, so It was ether use music from the marketplace or not have any at all.

      • no, not in the final build. but taking it out would have wasted more time then leaving it in.

      • I wanted getting hit to waste time, Because I thought why have health when losing time is the same as far as punishment goes in a game like this. but with how the level design end up being, I should have toned it down. or at lest let you recover after being in the air for more than a second.

      and with the boss.

      • Yeah that was a bit of a dead brain moment for me. I finished the boss after working all night. so I guess I just didn't think about it before the deadline struck.

      • Same reason as the last for that one. no excuse, I was just brain dead.

      • That's a glitch with the collision system I made for it. all I needed to fix it was just more the hands away from the wall a bit.

      • While not the intended way for the fight to go, I did know about it and I liked it. its a easy way to fight him, And I kinda feel like a easy fight should be the reward for figuring out you can wall jump up to him.

      • Yeah, replaying it now I feel the same way. but I think I rather speed up his attack animations than cut his health. that way the fight will take about as long as if I cut it in half, but the boss still feels like a boss needing to be hit multiple times to defeat.

      Thank you so much for all the feed back. It makes me so happy to get all off this feed back I have been. knowing that people enjoyed the game and want to help me improve is great.

      also this is the first I've heard about a discord (channel) . . . !

      • so I've joined the channel I think?!
  • Fin_Nolimit
    Lv. 6

    Ima fan! I love the art, music, and controls AND I'm super thankful for the controller support. My only complaint (well there is two) is....

    1. The sliding did not always work. I would go to slide to hit the bad guy and my dude would jump. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I played this game for a while and it continued to happen
    2. The wall jump did not always work. Again this could be user error but it felt like I was doing the same thing every time and sometimes it would jump off the wall perfectly and other times my guy would flip/fall to his death.

    All in all I really enjoyed this game! Fantastic job~



    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago

      THANK YOU!

      it makes me happy that you feel the way you do.

      • The sliding never really mess up for me during testing. but after play-testing it so much I may just be use to how it works. so I'll look in to it.

      • Yeah, honestly when I finish this game I want to make it harder to use your double accidentally why trying to wall jump.

      and again thank you for the feed back!

  • 89o
    Lv. 18

    Things I didn't like: -The walljumping was really tricky,because sometimes I would double jump instead of walljumping. -The cutscene before the boss shows up EVERY SINGLE TIME when you fail. Things I liked: -Really fun gameplay! -Unique sprites and music! -Overall completeness of the game! This is definately one of my favorite game!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago

      Thank you for the feedback!

      • Yeah, I wish I fixed accidentally double jumping when trying to wall jump.

      • yeah that was my bad, I was brain dead by the time I finished the boss, so I didn't think about it.

      I'm glad you liked it!

      I spent a lot of time just tweaking just the feeling of movement in the game, and was quite happy with it! and the sprite design was something I was wanting to try out for a while, so I'm glad it turned out well. and the music was great(though I didn't make it. . .)

      I'm happy you enjoyed the game!

  • _l3on_
    Lv. 8

    Nice game, really fun to play , all that mechanics... and the boss fight in the end... wow! Give me more levels and boss and i will play them for sure :D

    The things that I did't like are:

    • The boss cutscene become annoyng after some retry.
    • The air and ground friction can be improved a little.
    • Resetting the music each time you die make them repetitive because you heard only the first 10 sec or less (expecially in levels with a lot of hazards).

    Really nice job!!

    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago

      Thank you!

      I'm glad you enjoyed it and want more!

      • while this is a bad excuse I was brain dead by the time I finished the boss. I wish I did add it, or at lest make it auto skip on replay after death.

      • I can Kinda see what you mean, and I'll need to tweak it a bit as I'm reworking the game.

      • yeah, maybe I'll just make it pause during the death screen and resume after.

      again thank you!

  • Acr515
    Lv. 4

    Fun game! I agree that the precision platforming was a little difficult with the player's slow acceleration and deceleration. I liked your graphics, and your usage of theme was solid.

    Great work!



  • Fachewachewa

    Yeah the cutscene before the boss need to be skippable and the momentum can be a little weird, but overall the game is very well done. I really like the fact that you can't die by getting hit and it's just a stun.

    Oh and one other thing, I don't think you're allowed to get music made out of the jam (even if it's free)



    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago


      I wish I made the cut skippable, but I didn't think of it at the time.

      also as for the music thing, this was taken from rule 4 for the game jam. "The following is exempt from this rule if you have the legal right to use it:" "Engines, frameworks, templates, plugins, extensions and assets provided that they are available to everyone for free on GameMaker: Marketplace, and that they were not submitted to the marketplace specifically for the purpose of using them in the game jam."

      if I'm disqualified, I don't mind. was more interested in testing myself.

  • yokcos
    Lv. 7

    very cool game. main problems would be that the player's acceleration is way too low for precise platforming. found myself overshooting platforms a lot because I couldn't stop in time. maybe that's my fault though. in a game where levels last ten seconds, having the level title on screen for so long is kind of unnecessary and annoying. the boss is cool, but I really don't like having to watch this cutscene again every time I die. but the fight itself is a very nice point to end the game on.



    • singleshot
      Lv. 43
      singleshot Coder of Zero Reset

      5yrs ago

      Thank You!

      I agree about the cut scene, and the title card. I wish I though of and tweeked them before Deadline.

      As for the acceleration, It could have been raised by a few points in the air, but I really like how it feels personally.

      Thanks again for the Feedback!