The World is Falling Apart!

You are a strawberry, and your goal is to get to the portal at the end of each level. Watch out though, since the ground is falling out beneath your feet!

Controls, etc.

Controls are listed in game, but if you need a refresher:

  • Left/Right or A/D to move
  • Space to Jump
  • Mouse to navigate menus
  • You can't jump if you're holding a key
  • Collect all the gold coins to break the golden blocks
  • Touch a button to turn off the switch blocks
    Level Select Level 1 Level 3

    We usually work together, but we decided to swap roles this game jam!

Code: Ross Boman

Art, music, and sound: Henry Haak

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  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Great puzzle platformer you have here. The graphics are pretty simple but effective but I do really like the strawberry and its animations. The music and sound effects were great too.

    The level design really does get tricky. There were many times I had to just stop and think about what was ahead and think about what I had to do. The level where you have to jump across to the switch on the far right using the grey blocks, then jump back on the gold blocks took me way longer to figure out than I would like to admit. I didn't even consider leaving the gold blocks alone for the journey back for quite some time haha.

    I encountered one bug where I did get stuck between 2 blocks. Not quite sure how it happened but it forced me to restart the level as I could no longer move. Other than that it all worked well and I had a great time playing through it.

  • Chris

    Great level design and lots of gameplay, all around great game that fits the theme well

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    The strawberry is adorable, right down to the voicework. I love that he is literally destroying the world everywhere he goes haha. The fact that certain blocks will only break if certain requirements are met (like touching them frm the side or collecting all of the coins) is a nice touch. The levels are well designed, and take some genuine planning to complete - I admittedly tried several times to just plow my way through, to no avail. Great music as well. An excellent entry!

    On a side note, the fake newspaper article in the banner is hilarious!

  • GoblinBoy

    I'm a sucker for cute characters so big plus for that. The world breaking apart as you move ties together with the theme of the jam really well and the levels explored it nicely.

    Great stuff!

  • Brian LaClair

    Hey y'all, this is a great game - love the dancing stawberry animations :-P Biggest frustration point were the "yaahh!" dying sound and the spike hitbox issue - just a bit unforgiving. But good work!

  • Nick Ver Voort
    Lv. 4

    I thought it was a pretty fun little game. I like how the theme lends itself to the level design and the puzzles. Also the music and little voice clips were charming haha. I agree with Denglish Design below that the spike hitbox should maybe be a little more forgiving, but overall it's a good little entry

  • Tydecon Games

    You have a fun, silly, distinct style with what you've made here, it's got the same charm as a lot of games you've made in previous jams. It's a fun concept and it's well put together - nice job!

    I have to agree with the below comment though, the only nit-pick is that collision boundary for the spikes need cutting down a little bit

  • Denglish_Design
    Lv. 2

    Fun silly little game! I like that you added the test level, I love looking at that kinda stuff to see your testing process ;)

    I would suggest making the spike collision smaller/more of a round shape, so that its not as hard to jump over when you are standing right next to it.