Join Roland the Armadillo as he rolls and bounces through a colorful world! Be careful though, the level is falling apart! Everywhere you roll the ground will crumble away, so you can never retrace your steps and you can never stop rolling!

There are 3 coins to collect in each level, but you might have to take a more dangerous path to get them. Are you willing to risk it?

Play through the game's 4 levels and find out your total score!

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  • Tero Hannula

    To sum up: "oh no" :D

    I liked the prerendered 3D graphics in this one :) Overall looks nice, few visual things I would change, as armadillo falling direction should be relative to perspective, not straght away from camera. Also you could move around when you beat the level ^^ Music and sound effects were pleasant, 8bit:ish sound waves would not have worked. On that one pumper level I got pretty high speeds before blasting off the edge :D

    It was fun and casual game, good after I had played Chaos.exe.

  • Chris

    This game is out of my minds awesome, love the armadillo. Looks amazing, well polished, very fun and challenging.

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Very strong Super Monkey Ball vibes which is a good thing in my book. The graphics look great. I didn't have much trouble adapting to the physics as it felt very Monkey Ball like to me but I did have some issues adapting to the collisions. It felt very easy to fall off the edge which made getting through tight gaps tough. I got used to it eventually though and was able to get through all 4 levels with the 3 coins in each.

    I did encounter one bug on stage 3 at the start. The area with the multiple bumpers. I was getting bounced between them when I suddenly just fell. There was no gap or anything. I just fell in the middle of the bumper area and the stage restarted. Also the characters depth could use some adjusting at time as it often when he falls he's still in front of the ground.

    Other than that though it's really fun and I'd love to see some more levels added in. Great work.

    • Nick Ver Voort
      Lv. 4

      Thanks a lot, yeah as I've said to the others the collision edge cases were definitely a tricky thing, I'm glad it didn't stop you from completing the game though.

      The bug with the bumpers is interesting, although they can increase your speed so dramatically in that stage that it's not too surprising the physics simulation got mad haha. I should probably have put an upper-limit on the speed.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    As others have said, I love the early-2000's-era fake 3D asthetic. The physics take a little getting used to, but I managed to beat all 4 levels with some practice. Adding coins on alternate, trickeer courses was a very nice touch. A very fun and charming game!

  • Yozoraki
    Lv. 3

    I couldn't pinpoint to exactly where from, but this game was giving me so much nostalgia for something. Partly monkey ball for sure, but the graphics and everything were reminding me of games I can't even remember anymore haha If that's the look you were going for you absolutely nailed it. Gameplay has a good balance of fun movement and frustrating get-back-up, but the collisions could be tweaked a bit. Didn't stop me really enjoying it though, great job! :)

    • Nick Ver Voort
      Lv. 4

      There are some old early-2000s PC games with pre-rendered 3D graphics that I was trying to evoke too, Sheep being the big one I used to play haha. Thanks for your kind words, it's really cool to hear I was able to evoke some nostalgia!

  • BreadClip
    Lv. 6

    The pretend 3d was somehow nostalgic... I liked this game, kinda reminds me of Super Monkey Ball. I agree with others that the fall detection could be a bit annoying at times, but the levels and overall vibe was so cool!

  • Mimpy
    Lv. 26

    Now that is one clean menu, haha. I like the presentation on this game, the visual style and the voiced messages are nice. The fall detection felt a bit inconsistent at times, sometimes you'd fall through even when more than half of you was on a solid platform. But overall it's enjoyable and well made.

  • Laxxia
    Lv. 4

    Final score 245, really awesome, monkey ball style game. I really liked these 3D models, for sure a surprise to see 3D in a jam, as that realm of Game Maker is such a mystery to me, but it was really fun! The levels were a good challenge and the wigglers on the last two were also dope models!

  • Brian LaClair

    Great job, Nick! I saw this on Reddit yesterday while taking a break from my own GM48 work, and was excited to try it out.

    Other than the collisions being a little wonky at times (Roland going a little off a block can sometimes cause a fall, on my end), it's adorable and fun!

    So curious - did you make those models yourself or are they public assets? You really nailed the pre-rendered 3D sprite work that a lot of folks using GameMaker miss.

    • Nick Ver Voort
      Lv. 4

      Thanks, I modeled everything myself! I hadn't used blender in a good few years so it was a bit of relearning, and this was my first time using it for prerendered sprites as well.

      It was also my first time using GameMaker's physics engine so a fun learning experience there as well.

      Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!