The massive hole you've spent weeks digging is collapsing on itself, causing lava to erupt underneath your feet! Throw your magical shovel against the walls and falling debris to climb to the top and escape!

Watch out for magma spikes! Destroy them with your shovel or avoid them if you can!

Created by
David Haynes -> https://twitter.com/denglish_design
Tobias Brunner -> https://twitter.com/PudgeMeBaby

A /D = Move Left/Right
Space = Jump (Hold to jump higher!)
Left Mouse = Throw shovel
Right Mouse = Recall Shovel
Middle Mouse = Teleport to Shovel (You will teleport on top of the object your shovel is stuck in!)

M = Mute the music
R = Restart Game

Software Used

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  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    Nice idea, but it needs some work. As it stands now I really couldn't get anywhere for a few reasons.

    To be honest, at first I didn't realise I should be aiming for the falling rocks and so I aimed my shovel at the wall. Once it was in the wall and I teleported to it, I became stuck in the wall. The more I tried to escape by either jumping or using my shovel again, the more stuck I became until I eventually just fell out of bounds.

    Once I did realise that I was supposed to be aiming for the debris, I just couldn't get in a situation where I could progress. The rocks falling are so random that they never really setup a path for me to get any higher. This could have potentially been avoided by using the shovel but since the shovel has a recharge time it doesn't really help at all. Everytime I managed to latch my shovel onto a higher rock, I was still waiting for it to recharge from a previous teleport. By the time that was done the rock it latched onto was already at the same height I was previously at, or more likely I was already in the lava below.

    It's possible I'm just really bad at the game but I did give it quite a few goes and just didn't feel I was making much progress. The platforming mechanics themselves felt very nice though. Jumping and movement felt like they were at a comfortable speed and I felt I had good control over the character. Graphics and sounds were great too. I do really like the idea and I do feel you've done a good job with the 48 hours provided. With some more time and tweaks to the mechanics, I think this would be a really fun and enjoyable game.

  • Chris

    Epic and awesome, really good mechanics, platforming feels great and collision with rotating shapes worked very well. Shovel was really cool.

  • singleshot
    Lv. 43

    I kept getting stuck in the right wall.

    any attempt to escape would only push me more in to the wall. until I clipped all the way though and fell in to the void.



  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Super creative and original idea with great graphics, but the total randomness of the falling rocks makes it really hard to get anywhere. Most of the time I'd teleport up to a rock, only to find another rock blocking me from walking/jumping anywhere... then the lava caught up with me before I could teleport anywhere else, because the shovel was still recharging. If it were tweaked a bit to prevent unescapable situations like that, it would make a fantastic endless runner game. Nice work!

  • Yozoraki
    Lv. 3

    Really interesting take on a sort of endless runner style game, but it was incredibly hard. I played a few rounds and got further each time but didn't get to a point where I felt it wouldn't be basically impossible to win haha. I think it being difficult is fine but maybe adding upgrades or powerups would make me more motivated to beat it. Overall cool game though, well done!

  • Meedil
    Lv. 3

    Great job on this, it definitely was very fun, interesting and somewhat annoying to play (a little like flappy bird). The art is also one of the good aspects of the game. The one thing I dislike about the game is how Sfx are significantly louder than the music.



  • Brian LaClair

    Really loved the art style (super pretty!) and the music you used - had a lot of trouble making any progress due to the positioning of blocks and collision wonkyness but managed to get somewhere eventually.

    Lots of fun but frustrating - good work!

  • Ross Boman
    Lv. 30

    I loved the idea you were going for. Unfortunately I found a bug that got me outside the map allowing me to scale the side without getting hit by the lava. Great art though. The controls were a little weird to learn and how you would teleport through things after using the middle click was weird. Overall I liked what the game could have been. I climbed to 5000 pixels in 227 seconds, but that was using the glitch.