Faulty Upgrade is your standard wave base shooter except for one kink -- you're not too great at upgrading yourself.

This was my first completed game jam (and second jam overall) and I'm really happy to have successfully finished the game. I'm a bit bummed that I feel that the game doesn't represent my full skillset in GM, but that's besides the point -- I finished, and that's what matters! Thanks for checking out my game!

Game by lazyeye: https://twitter.com/imlazyeye Music by Gartman: https://twitter.com/gartman_gh

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Neat graphics! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GM48 games, if you’d like to take a look. :) https://youtu.be/6oxsNSlqcYM

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    Great game! So much polish.

    The gameplay felt just a little repetitive, but the upgrades\downgrades kept it interesting and fun, overall a solid entry.

    Universe T

    Universe T

  • Fachewachewa

    Cool game, looks really nice, good music, fun to play.
    I'm not sure if there's an ending, I beat the "final wave", then had an upgrade, then the game froze on the 2nd (?) "final wave".

    I think the biggest issue with this game, like other have said, is the fact that upgrades can just cancel themselves, which feels really cheap. Also, I took every upgrades to try and compensate for a loss of speed, but it would have been better to just skip everything apart from the gun upgrade.

  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Really nice game. It feels, looks and sounds great. The dash move is especially fun to use. I like the variety of enemies too. The gimmick of getting an upgrade and a downgrade is cool in concept, and when it works it's great. However, it wasn't executed perfectly...

    The main issue is that the lack of variety in the buffs and debuffs. A lot of the same stuff kept cropping up which removed some of the excitement. In particular I didn't enjoy the "buff was removed" debuff. Getting an upgrade then having weird bad stuff happen is fun, but just nothing happening instead is boring.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    Atmosphere is rather nice! Maybe you should specify the controls somewhere :) I didn't realize how to dash at first and ignored it cause I didn't seem to need it; later I figured the right click worked. I suggest adding the controls in the gm48 description!

    Not sure shooting should push you back so much, you constantly need to shoot and doing it while moving up prevents you from moving correctly; I didn't feel like it was needed.

    Also would have liked to have less random (or more) upgrades, sometimes it's only one type (usually when you need the other) and sometimes the debuff just cancels the buff( with the speed debuff and the buff debuff), which feels kinda useless :/

  • AceOfSpad3s
    Lv. 3

    I really liked the basic idea and the art is good, i liked in particular the general atmosphere. Unfortunately the game freezed, but I enjoyed it until that.

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    The character has great movement and controls, like the music, and the character is neat. I wasn't able to get past the 3rd wave though, it froze up on me. Congrats on putting this together in 48 hours. Will be looking forward to your second submission next quarter!

  • Jmation
    Lv. 4

    Good use of theme with well suited sound track.

  • Spasco
    Lv. 2

    The concept is really good and embodies the theme perfectly. The graphics did their job well and I enjoyed the rainy/stormy atmosphere.

    The gameplay itself was well executed, I did have two issues though. I think you should be able to hold down the shoot button instead of having to click repeatedly, and I feel like the dash was a bit overpowered/had no downsides.

    I also received a freeze once upon dying, but I was able to reach the final way on my second attempt! I enjoyed the upgrades but I wish upgrading the gun more than once had a different effect.

    Other than the issues I've listed, this is a very solid game and it fits the theme nicely! I've had fun with it and would definitely play more if you work on it after the jam!



  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    Alright, first off, rocking bgm you have here. The game has a nice and fun atmosphere about it. Graphics are good and has a nice variety of enemy types.

    Sadly on stability side I was not able to complete the game, I got to the final wave twice with the game freezing on the final wave like it was stuck in a loop or something, had to close with task manager.

    The idea of having an upgrade have a downside is not a bad one, but I think you put far to much weight on buff removed, most of the time nothing happens and it makes it a little dull as a mechanic, doubly so for speed which can also remove speed.

    Good job on the game! Too bad I couldn't finish it due to freezing.

    • lazyeye
      Lv. 4
      lazyeye Coder of Faulty Upgrade

      5yrs ago

      Sorry you couldn't finish, that freeze bug was one of the few to not get knocked off the list. Glad you enjoyed the rest though! I appreciate the feedback

  • Fin_Nolimit
    Lv. 6

    Fantastic job completing your game. I finished mine with 12 minutes left... stressful but crazy fun! Your mechanics were nice and felt very smooth. The difficultly increased at what seemed to be a natural progression. Nice work!

    I've played though the game a few times now and it freezes up on me on the fourth wave (like I'm caught in a loop). Not sure how.. It happens at different areas of the map.



    • lazyeye
      Lv. 4
      lazyeye Coder of Faulty Upgrade

      5yrs ago

      There was a loop that sometimes got stuck that I didn't get a chance to investigate and fix -- I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it though! Thanks for checking it out :)

  • Toemking
    Lv. 2

    You should not be bummed with your effort for your first complete game jam you should be over the moon. When you compare your project to my game prankster island(please vote for it) its like combing a Lamborghini(your game) to a rust bucket of a car(my game). The game is beautiful everything looks amazing it is very nice to look at and all of the pixel art complements each other it is a very fun game to play and I enjoyed playing it. Theme was incorporated well through the upgrade system. Although I enjoyed it I had a few gripes firstly when upgrading the gun to the 2nd tier where it shot 2 bullets it was a lot harder to use due to the inaccuracy also I found it very confusing when buffs and debuffs were applied to the player as the text saying what buffs and debuffs where added disappeared very quickly. Overall you should be proud of yourself for making this game.

    Please note the audio on my computer isn't working so I cant rate the audio