After being put in jail for your heresy, you, the priest, must not only escape and face the enemies of the church, but also prove your faith is strong even though you bought your way into the clergy to begin with.

In this fast paced shoot em up you only have one bullet - your faith. Throw your cross like a Boomerang and exorcise the demons who try to end this world.

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  • Fachewachewa

    Good intro ! Great game overall, but I'm not fan of the controls (never understood why people pick Z & X instead of X & C). I also would have preferred a little more speed, but being slowed down when charging. Also the fact that the cross bounces off enemies is surprising, since you have only one attack, it forces you to get very close to shoot multiple times, and with the speed and some projectiles, it easier to just avoid enemies.



  • Veralos
    Lv. 38

    Woah, this is really good! The gameplay is interesting and fun, there is a good variety of enemy types, the music is great, the graphics look nice, and it even has an opening cutscene. It's just overall a very polished and well done game.

    If there is one thing to complain about, I would say that I'm not a big fan of the charging mechanic. It's annoying needing to wait for any sort of range, plus my keyboard can't register too many keys at one which makes it awkward to move while charging.

  • Josiarthei
    Lv. 4

    My word this was stellar! Right off the cuff I was blown away by the art and voice and sound, and then the enemies were beautifully varied, each wave laid out by hand. I died right before the boss, but I enjoyed it all!

  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    This game was masterfully polished, the intro was great, the gameplay a little less, mostly because of the difficulty curve being a little off and because of the frustration of not having checkpoints (You even start back from level 1 every time). Also I don't think the active actually works, but the cross idea was really cool, and apart for some asshole enemy designs I think the game was overall still really fun.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    6yrs ago

    Good background, and I like the art on everything.

  • Kwis
    Lv. 67

    I kinda like the idea! As stated in another feedback, it was frustrating to wait for the cross to come back. I like the background, but the sky is a bit too static.

    Also, I get that the theme was implied by you having just one attempt, but it feels a bit ignored. Also, not sure what the special actually does...

  • Christopher Weller
    Lv. 16

    Cool style, excellent music, and fun concept! I'm not very good at it though, heh.

    Gno Mercy

    Gno Mercy

  • Nik Sudan
    Lv. 4

    I dig it! The aesthetic and audio were exceptional. I liked how it had a shoot-em-up feel, but definitely felt more calculated because of the boomerang-cross. The mechanic did make it a bit difficult though.

    One thing that frustrated me was the fact that the cross wouldn't start charging up until you had collected it again and had pressed the button down afterwards. I think it would have played better if it started to charge if you were already holding the button down when you received it.

  • SirTotallyAverage
    Lv. 15

    Great intro. Really well polished for a 48hr jam. Props for getting in all the elements; graphics, sounds, mechanics, and even leveling.

    My only nitpicks are that I sort of wish the controls were WASD with space as the boomerang (z and x seems wierd to me), I am not really sure what the special attack does (doesn't seem to have an effect on the enemies), and that I am not very good at these sorts of shooters so I didn't get to a very high level :D

  • Fajpaj
    Lv. 5

    This game is pretty fun. The intro is cool. The game is fun, but hard (I think maybe too hard?). I couldn't get past the first few waves of enemies. Also, I don't really see the connection with the theme. Great job though!

    • Nana
      Lv. 1

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! Yes, we've been working on making the game more forgiving by improving the reflect shield. A new version should be up on Itch soon! :) As for the theme, it was "One Shot", which can be interpreted as the character having one shot or one life for example. The priest has a boomerang cross which is his sole weapon, and differently from usual shmups he doesn't have endless bullets. He and the normal enemies also have one life. It pretty much connects with the theme fairly well.