You take control of a tank with the mission to destroy as many robot spheres as possible. Everything loops around the room and the bullets you shoot only go away if they hit the tank. The tank has 4 lives with no way to get more. Every bullet on the screen no matter what color can and will kill you. There is no end to the game. Play for as long as you can survive. This game is very difficult so don't be worried about losing. Once you get to level 6 all robots spawn in randomly, so you could consider level 6 to be the end of the game.

The upgrades and settings buttons on the title screen don't do anything. I wanted to add more to the game but ran out of time.

WASD - to movement
Arrow Keys - to shoot
Esc - pause
Enter/Space - button selection

Shooting a robot causes your bullet to change color based on the color of the robot you hit. Each color has its own effect.

Orange - causes bullets to have a slight tilt
Green - causes bullets to tilt towards the tank
Blue - causes bullets to ricochet in a random direction
Red - causes bullets to travel at insane speeds
Pink - causes bullets to bounce back at the tank

Highscores are saved between sessions. I'd love to see what everyone got to. Good luck!!!

At the time of writing this my best score is
Level 6
Targets 28
Time 44
Shots 28

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