Lux Machina

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  • 8 months ago
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In Lux Machina you need to solve puzzles that will lead you to, you guessed it, more puzzles!

Press buttons and control lasers!

Since you have no arms you will have little robot buddys that will help you on your journey.
But they aren't the only ones that are involved, a strange voice is also present.


WASD - Moving
Space - Skip Text
F - Fullscreen (Please note that with high refresh monitors fullscreen will result in a faster game)

The rest will be explained ingame


Programming - WinuX
Graphics - Swisspick
Musik and SFX - WinuX
Level Design - Swisspick
Palette used for the Sprites:

Please let us know if you'd like to see a post GM48 version, because we had cool ideas we couldn't implement in this version.


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  • Baku
    Baku Baku 27
    7 months ago

    Really nice atmosphere! I'll be honest, I didn't read most of the text (if I'm able to move around, you better be sure I'll start moving around 😜) but beat the game regardless.

    I still need to play a lot of games... but this is among the best so far.

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      We know that not everybody wants to read the text, so we allowed them to move around. just imagine Portal and everytime GLaDOS says something you can't move, that wouldn't be all that fun :o

      It really means a lot if the guy who is on the top the whole time says that our game is one of the better ones :D

  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts 41
    7 months ago
    • The text feels weird. It shouldn't expand centered, but from the left (for example) as it makes the text move as it is writting, which makes it harder to read. So you're encouraged to press space to expand it to go around that. ...and that leaves you with barely enough time to read. We should have more control over the text. Or make it take a longer time before disappearing, just enough to at least read it twice (to make sure slow readers are fine). I personally prefer when I get to decided when i skip the text.
    • Gave up on the room with the door and the two companions. What was I supposed to do? Whenever i switch to my character, the companions were getting back to me, not letting me lining them up for the laser. I tried some weird solution to quickly block them with the door by unswitching it, but the timing was off. I tried having the companions far away, but they were being retrieved anyway, and got buggy (I'm willing to give it another try btw)
    • By the way, when i tried that, the blue robot got stuck in the right door. Weird. That "debug" feature allowed me to restart that level, which was welcome. That's a tip for game jams when you have several levels: Have a way to restart. Since it's a jam, we might expect weird collision issues. That way there is a solution! The restart button was very welcome.
    • Sometimes the laser doesn't register well. As someone else said, it neded to be more on the right for a crystal.

    That said, the atmosphere is pretty cool and the dialogues are interesting. I mean, for what I was able to read :< The sounds are also subtle, so i think they work well. Nice work!

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      Yeah, the text is too fast, I'm a really fast reader so i didn't quite notice it xD.

      About the room with the 2 companions, when you press the number of the companion again, then it will stay and you return to the player. This was thaught through the text so you maybe missed it because it's too fast :(

      I actually tested the collisions quiet a lot, but maybe I missed something with the blue robot, in that case, my leftover debug keys really come in handy :D

      Yeah the crystal collision is really wierd, still havent found out why...

      We aren't quite sure if we're gonna make a post gm48 version, but if we do, all of your complains will be fixed ;D

  • StereoJunkie
    StereoJunkie StereoJunkie 3
    7 months ago

    Love the vibe that this game gives. I like how the player character doesn't do shit and the companions do everything, it holds true to the theme.

    One of the things I saw that could be improved is the switching of characters. Very annoying to have to click the same button again to go to the main character. Would have been easier to use 1,2 and 3 to just switch between or 1 button that keeps switching between all of them.

    All in all good game

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      Yeah, I'm someone who really likes immersion in games, so I try to make mine as immersive as possible ;D

      The switching is a bit annoying, we implemented the second companiom pretty late in the game and ran out of time to adapt the code to more than one companion without bugs.

      This will be fixed with the post GM48 version, if we decide to make one after the results go live.

  • 89o
    89o 89o 10
    8 months ago

    WHY?!??! WHY DO I HAVE TO GET RID OF THE LITTLE BUDDIES??!!?!?!? Apart from that great gam......hold on, why are there more buddies in the banner? I want to play with them too!

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      "Don't worry, they don't feel pain" ;)

      I'm really suprised that we've managed to create a bond between players and the buddies in such a short amount of time.

      We've planned to include more buddies but ran out of time and the banner looked a bit empty with only 2 buddies xD.

      But if there's enough intereset we will make a post gm48 version, with more buddies, more story(maybe a happier ending) and more rooms.

  • Westwud
    Westwud Westwud 5
    8 months ago

    Nice game! Aside from the leftover debug keys I don't see any problems, there are 2 little things however:

    • The music was too quiet and I had to crank up my volume, but it's that that big of a deal really.
    • When you get to the second companion and you want to switch between the two companions, you gotta first switch to the player and then the other companion(for example: 2 -> 1 -> 3 instead of 2 -> 3).
    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      Yeah the debug keys are kind off a bummer.

      The music really is too quiet, i just didn't notice it because i have my pc cranked up to 100 volume all the time.

      The companion switching is kind of a chore, I didn't think it was much off a problem and focused on other stuff.

      But those things will be fixed, if there's enough interest in a post gm48 version.

  • Kyon
    Kyon Kyon 8
    8 months ago

    Cool game! Very immersive. I'm not sure if there were two endings? Mine was quite sad haha. I looked like there was some sort of puzzle but I couldn't figure it out.

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      There was supposed to be some dialogue if you interact with the stuff on the left, but we ran out of time, and kinda forgot about it.

      But if we make a post GM48 version, we will probably have multiple endings or one that isn't all that sad ;D

  • s7stringmadness
    s7stringmadness s7stringmadness 2
    8 months ago

    Nice! I definitely got some portal vibes from it. It had some pretty good ideas, I think it would have benefit from a few more levels, but you accomplished a lot in the time given. good work!

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your Feedback :D

      Yeah Portal was a really big inspiration :)

      We had some more ideas for levels and gimmicks but we couldn't implement them in time.

      We rather have a polished short game than an unpolished big game.

      But, if there's enough interest we will make a post GM48 version with new levels and more story.

  • Luke Peña
    Luke Peña Luke Peña 2
    8 months ago

    The game was broken for me! I couldn't move, and it was constantly skipping to the next level after the dialogue was over. It was really weird.

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      You probably used the arrow keys to move... I'm a big dummy and forgot to remove the debug keys from the game. If you move with WASD and don't press R you should be fine.

      I would really appreciate it, if you give our game another try :D

      We have also updated our description to warn from that oversight.

  • Metroid3D
    Metroid3D Metroid3D 6
    8 months ago

    Neat little game! Had tons of polish and a cool ending, reminded me a lot of the first Portal.

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your feedback :D

      Yep, we were definitly inspired by portal :) There wasn't really a game like it for a long time.

  • abso1ution
    abso1ution abso1ution 6
    8 months ago

    Great concept and execution, I genuinely didnt want to give away my companions.

    Just two minor criticisms. I had one issue where a vertical laser couldn't light up a crystal unless I aimed it at its right, perhaps an off centre collision box. Also when you skip the text typing it moves to the next sentence too fast to read.

    • WinuX WinuX
      WinuX 9 Developer

      Thanks for your Feedback :D

      Yeah I noticed that with the crystals too, but I wasn't able to fix it in time (It's not a off center collision box, it's something else I don't know about xD ). The text is really fast, but I probably didn't notice it was an issue, because I've read it over a 100 times already xD.

      If there is enough interest in a post GM48 version, we'll fix all these problems in there.


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