I majorly over scoped and under performed so what lies here is basically a demonstration of I was able to achieve in the time provided. The goal was for a game where you watch over and instruct a field agent from back at base, juggling camera feeds, schematics, hacking devices and radioing in with the agent as you cooperate. Although I managed to get those systems into the game, I wasn't able to create any real content with them, so I did a small art pass to make what I had presentable and then packaged it up for submission.

PLEASE read the read me, using the terminal is very simple but there's no in game help so without it you'll get stuck.

The game has nothing else to do with bees other than me drawing a bee to replace the placeholder red square the player originally was.

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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • "using the terminal is very simple" As a matter of fact, no. It is very vague and unclear what I'm supposed to do despite the read me :/ If i want to show a cam, how do I do? The instructions use <> but I don't know if I need to use them. So i tried like, SHOW CAM 1 ON MONITOR 1, SHOW CAM1 ON MONITOR1, SHOW <CAM <1>> ON <MONITOR 1>, etc. Nothing worked and it all just feels cryptic cause it's not clear on what I wrote wrong. It tells me monitor 1 doesn't exist, tells me they are invalid requests... So what am I supposed to say?

    UPDATE: You're not supposed to write "monitor" which isn't clear at all. I eventually triggered an invalid command that told me "ON [number]" which was my only clue to figure out what I was supposed to write.

    That's way too complex and too many options to choose from, making it very confusing despite the read me.

    A solution for the read me at least would be to have a solid example rather than just "SHOW <module> ON <monitor> - Used to show things on any of the 4 monitors" because it left me clueless for about 20 minutes because I can't guess what I was expected to do.

    "where can you go?" "just east" "go east" "the way is blocked" Oh, so you can't go east then. xD

    • I didn't know there was a cam 0 at first because the monitors start from 1. I only got it through the grid that i barely used at first.

    • At some point, the agent stopped following orders, what did I do wrong? (he was on the bottom of the first room, unable to go north, and not responding when i ask him where he can go) UPDATE: It was a bug, restarting solved it. I assume the east thing was influenced by it too

    • Alright, passed the above issues, the game is incredibly nice and interesting. I enjoyed every bit of it. Even the sprite being a bee not making sense feels okay, I feel like it's a good gimmick. The way you communicat with them feels so right and it really makes you feel like a boss because of the way you operate with everything. Definitely one of my favourite entries despite the terrible start!

    Dream On

    Dream On

  • QuibbleCoatl
    Lv. 11

    While being unfinished this is a really cool demo you've got here and seems so interesting. I really did not expect to see something like this when I clicked on the game. Really fantastic use of the companion theme too. Would love to see it expanded upon and finished.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    I think i saw this over on the discord while you were developing. I was very intrigued then. And it did not let down now! I loved it! Once I learned the controls, it felt so cool sending your little guy to the next while panning the map over, zooming in and out, and getting the code for doors. I hope develop this further because it's really good!

    Really excellent job!



  • Oliver Spicer
    Lv. 6

    I think the learning curve is a little to steep, but this is an excellent and original idea. All that could be added is a tutorial and some hacking music.

  • Batboy
    Lv. 7

    That was really good! I remember seeing this on twitter during the jam and thinking it looks really interesting and different to what everyone else was doing. You sure didn't disappoint! Had a lot of fun with it. It's a shame you didn't manage to pad out the length a bit and add a bit of story to it. I'd love to play a more fleshed out version one day!