• Metroid3D
  • 2 years ago
  • 28th


You and your brother are lost in a forest. Find a way out by using him as a weapon or a trampoline.


Arrow Keys - Move

Space - Jump

X - Throw

R - Restart


Alex Quinn


Henry Hoffman


Special Thanks

Jacob Ma

Simon Willcox


for testing.


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  • Fachewachewa

    You've got a actually really fun concept here, but the level design feels really random (I does rely too much on RNG, but it's also a lot of "make this really specific jump then destroy an absurd amount of ennemies")

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 20

    Practically everything is good about this game. It's just too bad RNGesus was involved in moving the purplr men...

  • Michael Hofmann

    This game is cute and I really like the mechanics, the music is outstanding! The only thing that annoyed me was waiting for the enemies to leave my brother alone :D

  • s7stringmadness

    The concept was interesting, and I liked the mechanic of throwing your brother for that double jump. Some of the levels with a lot of enemies kinda felt like a waiting game, but I thought overall the idea was pretty original.

    • Metroid3D Metroid3D
      Level 8

      Yeah, in hindsight I would've eased up on some of the enemy heavy levels that felt very RNG. Thanks for playing!

  • Maytch
    Maytch Maytch Level 2

    Firstly I love the level transition. It's a pretty good idea having to throw your brother and jump on him to proceed to the next level, good innovation I can see a lot of potential for that.

    I had some difficulty on the level 'Babysitting' as the purple guys are always on him, I couldn't progress. It's a little hard to control how far he's thrown, and as you can't run or jump when carrying it slows the game down a lot. With a few tweaks and some artwork this could go far!

    • Metroid3D Metroid3D
      Level 8

      In hindsight I would go back and make "Babysitting" easier, one of the worse levels imo.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    This game made me laugh so hard! Throwing and bouncing off your brother was just so snappy and fun. Part puzzler, part big brother simulator. I would know. I was the little brother :D

    Well done!

    • Metroid3D Metroid3D
      Level 8

      Thanks so much, glad you got a laugh out of it! :)