Small Clever Rooms

Small Clever Rooms

  • David Yates
  • 10 months ago
  • 44th


Wake work sleep repeat. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and interact. Try not to starve.

Known issues

  • There's an error popup if you go off the screen.


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  • WangleLine 🌸

    The sound effects, to be honest, sound like someone's crumbling a can or glass shards right next to my ear. It's a somewhat painful sound that doesn't tell me much about what I'm actually doing as a player o:

    • David Yates David Yates
      Level 2

      Yeah, the more I listen to them the more I regret their inclusion. It was kind of a slapdash last-minute thing where I made a bunch of noises into my crappy microphone so the game would have some sound. Sorry about that.

  • trolog
    trolog trolog Level 6

    I had a crash within the very first 5 mins, I walked to the room below the bedroom, and then went directly to the right to leave the actual room hehe.

    So yeah a simple concept, one that we can all relate to as working/studying/breathing humans :( haha there was a consistent loop so it met the theme.

    I played for many days and wanted my character to get fat the more I ate! I ended up playing it work work work then decided i'd just play amusement amusement amusement, it would be nice if there was a reason, like maybe if you stopped working hard you could lose the game because you can no longer to afford rent?

    • David Yates David Yates
      Level 2

      The crash happens because towards the end I ran into a problem that required either working around it or making a persistent object. I was hesitant to make a persistent object but figured nothing could go wrong in such a small game, right? Wrong!

      I like your suggestions. Stuff like that is what I would have implemented with more time. As-is, this game is kind of a skeleton/prototype.

  • Inkira_develops

    I found this game strange, wasn't exactly sure what i was doing, managed to crash it in the first 30 seconds. After a restart manage to interact with some things, I am not too sure how its a loop exactly sorry.

    PS. Thanks for playing my game.

    • David Yates David Yates
      Level 2

      Yeah, I'm afraid it's a bit buggy. That's on me for not testing it more before submission. Thanks for giving it go though, I appreciate your honest feedback.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Daniel Level 1

    Nice idea!

    I like that you guide the player with the doors to teach the mechanics of the game. Maybe you could make things even more clear with signs for example "closed on weekdays" or something. I was wondering at first how to enter the other rooms at first.

    • David Yates David Yates
      Level 2

      This was something I went back and forth on a bit. I thought about including more tutorial text for weekend changes, but I really wanted the player to have figure things out from which doors were open. But perhaps signs outside the relevant doors as you've suggested would work well -- I'll think on it. Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Kylazaur
    Kylazaur Kylazaur Level 4

    I mean this is my life in a nutshell... Wake up, eat, -performance Lool, nice entry here ^^

  • Panda-K
    Panda-K Panda-K Level 15

    A horrifying sim :)

    It's a little buggy in places. You can walk off the edge causing an error and it's possible to get stuck in the second bedroom if you don't eat.

    • David Yates David Yates
      Level 2

      Thank you! I'm glad it evoked that reaction.

      I was afraid of bugs like that (was actually planning to make the off-screen an explicit Easter Egg, but I didn't quite fit that in). Oh well, improvements for the post-jam edition.


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