Giga Gap

Giga Gap

  • Team golden Games
  • 6 months ago
  • 28th


Giga Gap

In the middle of nowhere lies a fancy fortress protected by a magic pencil. Many have tried to conquer it, but they all have been bested by the pencils magic drawings. It is now preparing an army to take over the whole world. And the only one capable of stopping it is you. Cut out a loop around the castle and save the scissor babies.

Keyboard Controls:
  • Walk - WASD or Arrows
  • Enter - Space or Z
  • Retry - R
  • Fullscreen - F4

Gamepad Controls:
  • Walk - Lstick
  • Enter - A/B/X/Y
  • Retry - Start/Select

  • Knutone - Player and castle design, Music
  • Fred (Natan) - Player animation
  • Ivar - Everything else

Known issues:
  • The macOS version is just another project
  • The loops sometimes don't generate as expected (Or not at all).
  • Enemies can get stuck in walls
  • If the last enemy explodes to death, the goal won't spawn and you will need to restart the room.
  • Collisions may cause the game to freeze.


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