Slime Fields

Slime Fields

  • Chris Bradel
  • 1 month ago
  • 22nd



In a land of cute, bouncy slimes, what would you do to defend your homeland? Collect and command your forces while you can!


Hatch and command slimebabies to defend your base from slimemeanies! Click and drag a slime to tell it to go where you'd like. As you defeat more meanies, more slimes will grow to be at your disposal!


  • Move Camera - WASD, Arrows, or Right Mouse Button
  • Zoom Camera - Mouse Scrollwheel, or Page Up/Down
  • Command Slime - Click and Drag
  • Wake up Slime - Click
  • Ping Slimes - Click on Ground

Notable Features:

  • Procedural Challenges so it stays fresh to replay over and over again.
  • Several Built-In Maps tuned for unique experiences.
  • Custom Map importer so you can customize or create entirely new maps via a simple .png to play on or share a collection with your friends
  • 9 Song Original Soundtrack by:
    • Nynja (Space Dungeon / Suh Burb)
    • Dot Minus (Battle Chef Brigade and Sausage Sports Fest)

Watch it be made:

  • I streamed ALL 48 hours of its development without stopping, most of which with the team on a call. If you want to watch these crazy hijinks and occasional sleep deprivation consequences, you can enjoy them all on my Twitch Channel, or click directly to the 48 hour VOD here.

The Team:


  • Chris Bradel (Chrscool8)



Special Thanks:

  • Ragnarok9x
  • Matt M.
  • Christian Cortez

Tips/Heads Up:
  • Slimes inside the base circle get an extra hit point
  • Huuuuge custom maps may take a couple seconds to load on some hardware but should be self optimized after that
  • Don't hit Escape twice in a row during gameplay, it was implemented the last minute, haha
  • Have fun! Thank you for playing! :)


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