Graze Days

Graze Days

  • MintyPython
  • 1 month ago
  • 20th


Round up the whole herd by barking, bashing, and chasing all your bouncy sheep into the pen! Watch out for rams!


  • Arrow keys or WASD to move around
  • X to dash
  • Z to bark
  • Esc to return to the main menu


  • Dash into sheep to send them flying. You can bounce them off walls to trick-shot them into the pen.
  • Scaring large groups of sheep will result in them bumping into each other and gaining speed. Some may fly into the pen.
  • Rams aren't afraid of you, and they'll charge at you when they bark. Get between them and the pen to have them charge in!

Have fun!



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Making a game solo means making many compromises on your time. You need to choose to focus on coding, art, sound and design, and all of these things take time. In the future I need to divvy time towards each more evenly to get a less lopsided result.

I've also learned to work on my consistency in presentation. Things like making the menu use the same control scheme as the game itself, better pacing, and intuitiveness of controls.

That being said, this entry did shine in letting me embrace chaos a bit, as the game is at its most fun when things are a bit chaotically out of control bouncing everywhere. Sometimes you do need to let a game evolve naturally instead of rigidly planning the entire experience!

Result 20th