The Tiny world of friends

The Tiny world of friends

  • Beans for Brains
  • 5 months ago
  • 54th

Hello! thanks for checking out my game! Like the last game, this game was made in only a day (Sunday is the lord's day!), and I'm (mostly) happy with the results!

===CONTROLS=== WASD to move, CLICK to interact

===BUGS=== The only known bug is that all options listed as "no" result in a game breaking glitch and therefore should not be pressed. good thing they weren't the funnest part of my game, right? ( ; _ ; )

oh well. I'm just happy I submitted something.

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  • Nyveon

    An adorable game, reminiscent of atari era games. Definitely enjoyed playing it! Can't thin kof much constructive feedback that hasn't been said already, so there's that :)

  • fqSake
    fqSake fqSake Level 4

    I don't want to offer any particular critique, the art has strong retro vibes, there's some bugs, some inconsistencies; but But I praise you for finishing the game in a single day. I hope you are happy with the result, despite its problems!

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    Cute little game. I enjoyed walking around talking to people and the chaos that eventually ensued. The music and sounds are pretty nice. I'm a bit confused on the visual style though. It looks like an Atari game, but with a gameboy colour pallete, and then it has high definition fonts...

    • Beans for Brains Beans for Brains
      Level 6

      yeah, I tried to capture that ET feel, but I didn't look up the correct color palette and some other things that would have brought the visuals together :^[. further research on my part would've been nice

  • baku
    baku baku Level 46 Patron

    Neat little package :D As others have mentioned, strong Atari vibes, nice!

  • Chris

    The end was pretty funny, nice job!

  • Nick
    Nick Nick Level 4

    Cute and funny! Monster was an unexpected twist!

  • Tero Hannula

    Simple game, brought Atari E.T. game on my mind in graphical settings and repeating world. But this wasn't bad in that manner. But repeating world was nice idea.

  • 89o
    89o 89o Level 19

    I suppose all the obvious pitfalls have already been mentioned. One tip: when making a pixel art game, turn off anti-aliasing in fonts, that just makes it look unfinished.

    • Beans for Brains Beans for Brains
      Level 6

      thank you! I didn't pick that up, and in hindsight it probably detracted from the retro theme

  • Mimpy
    Mimpy Mimpy Level 10

    Nice little game, I like the idea of making friends with a small town of people, and the way they change dialogue and behavior as it goes is neat.

    There were a few typos and inconsistent names in the text that should probably be cleaned up, the character at the bottom screen swaps between the name Tom and Nick depending on who you talk to. And it wasn't immediately clear what to do when you meet the monster for the first time. Other than that, everything seemed to work alright.

  • PenguinCzar
    PenguinCzar PenguinCzar Level 5

    Poor Tom. Great Game, very simplistic, just the way I like it, and you did it in one day, that's awesome dude. I still can't believe that Tom doesn't get to date Daisy. :(

    • Beans for Brains Beans for Brains
      Level 6

      thank you so much! it depends on how you play, and there are tons of errors with that part. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

  • serialkamikaze

    Great game!

    First when I started I somehow I thought it has only one screen as there was no indicator that there is a whole world around the start!

    But when I realized that I could go to multiple screen and have able to witness the great story and finally save them, I was sold! I could be the hero :)

    Art was very simplistic but it was a good fit for the game; it was consisten through the whole game.

  • GameDevDan
    GameDevDan GameDevDan Level 2

    The "do some good deeds" part of the game was very chill. And then suddenly the game becomes very UNCHILL haha.

    • Beans for Brains Beans for Brains
      Level 6

      thanks! a little note, I didn't feel like it would be fair for the monsters to kill you and have the whole game restart, so instead of making a checkpoint, I made it so the monsters... can't actually kill you ;^]

  • Sindre Hauge Larsen

    Haha, this was an experience. What irresponsible adults! I enjoyed it a lot!

  • Grunlock
    Grunlock Grunlock Level 4

    Huh, what a small world. That... monster... was scary.

    Great job!

  • Wahoo
    Wahoo Wahoo Level 8

    A very charming little game. I did face the bug, but that's OK, I still enjoyed it.

    • Beans for Brains Beans for Brains
      Level 6

      thanks wahoo! I had much more in mind for this game, which undoubtedly was the problem