Nightmare Nursery

Nightmare Nursery

  • Luke No Further
  • 6 months ago
  • 2nd


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I told a witch she should smile more - so she cursed me! Now any plant I grow in my nursery turns EVIL!!!

Evil plants don’t sell well, their price falls rapidly. But if I can sell them quickly after they turn, then I can still make a nice PROFIT!!!



The Nightmare Nursery Gang



  • This game is basically a thinly-veiled investment management simulator - it's your job to watch over your asset portfolio and adjust it dynamically to have the highest return on investment as possible.
  • The colours of the seed packets represent the different tiers of plants - the higher the tier, the more expensive, but the faster they earn you money.
  • Tiers go from grey being the lowest to brown to green to blue to yellow to orange with red being the highest.
  • Two seeds from the same tier will earn money at the same rate, but will be worth different amounts to buy - if for instance there's two blue seed packets, always try to buy the cheaper of the two.
  • Ideally you want your 'Board Total' to be as high as possible, that way your 'Income Rate' will be as high as possible and you will progress faster!
  • If you've got lots of spare Yen and no pots to put new plants in, sell some of your cheaper plants to make room for more expensive ones, don't just wait for them to turn evil before selling - You've got to spend money to make money!
  • If you can't quite afford a really good high-tier seed packet, try selling some of your cheaper plants - that way you're trading in poor-performing plants for better ones without taking up more space.
  • Always look for ways to be optimising your set of plants! Look out for cheaper versions of seeds to swap out with your existing ones, keep on the lookout for replacements for plants that have nearly matured, make sure you're not sitting on a load of Yen that's not invested and making you money.
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  • Fachewachewa

    Hi!! So... 3 things:

    • First, the game totally deserves the 2nd place, it was a very simple idea made perfectly, and I guess people really love to make profit :D I even replayed it today!
    • Second, I was sure I already posted a comment here, but turns out I must have forgotten, I'm glad a checked back.. Sorry!
    • And last but not least: a huge thank you for the gift but also for the kind words! I wasn't sure where to join you at the time so I decided to say thanks here, but yeah, this was supposed to be a few month ago, sorry again 😅
  • Kwis
    Kwis Kwis Level 60

    Played your gaaaame!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Thanks for playing! I watched your playthrough and appreciate your commentary on my game - I certainly agree that an intuitive game mechanic is essential for your players to grasp so they can start playing straight away - learning through playing is definitely more fun than having to sit through a 3 min instruction manual. I'm not sure if you actually watched the tutorial video? I suppose the name is a little misleading, the first 30 seconds tells you what you need to get started, with the rest of it is kinda a strategy guide to the deeper aspects of the game if you want to progress through it faster and more optimally. I wanted a game that was quick to pick up but had some depth to it more than randomly clicking on the seeds - I also wanted it to be relaxing and not punishing - but the danger there is that the game never forces you to develop strategies to perform better - It's quite a pickle! Thank you!

      • Kwis Kwis
        Level 60

        I did not end up watching it! I think the game is (thankfully, cause many games do need these 3 minutes) intuitive enough to learn on your own the best way to earn. I did not try that much, but I did try to figure if it was best to earn points just as it turns evil, or just before. And I think that's the best way to learn a game, figuring out things on your own! That game is simple enough to understand which is very good

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 30

    This is a really polished game! I love how all the different kinds of plants look.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Thank you for playing and your kind words - making the art was really fun for this one :)

  • Ivanbje

    Woah, like many before me it seems, I didn't think much of it by the beginning but then I got hooked. Not sure how long I played but I decided to stop after 100.000 yen. Highest income rate I achieved was 111 Image from Gyazo

    Love the art, very clean. immersion was superb, music is chill and sound effects were great. Overall very good, Well done.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      WOW that's incredible - waaaay more than me! :O I'm pleased you managed to lock in to the hypnotic trance that this game seems to induce in people! That was my goal and it makes me very pleased it resonated so much with you - thanks for taking the time to play and really engage with the mechanics and vibe :D

  • Saboo
    Saboo Saboo Level 1

    Simple at first but easy to get immersed in the game.

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Thanks for playing - hope you had a weirdly relaxing/stimulating time!

  • Tydecon Games

    This was far more consuming than I thought it would be, there's something quite cathatric about watching numbers go up and down - I kept going until I hit ¥100,000 like I was in some kind of transe, it really hooked me. I would have loved to have seen some kind of profit indicator when I sell a plant to know how much I gained from it, but that aside, this is beautiful and I really hope you expand on this futher! Great entry!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Oh wow brilliant! I wish now I added more endgame content - I didn't realise so many people would be motivated to push on past the win screen and keep playing - a profit indicator is a great idea - at the minute it's kinda unclear how much profit you're gaining (and losing if you leave an evil plant to drop in price) - I was also thinking about displaying the player's progress over time in a graph so that players who try to optimise their shop are rewarded for that extra engagement. Thanks for playing and your kind words!

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards Scott Richards Level 22

    I really liked the athetic of the game. I skipped through the dialog without paying any attention and thus not knowing what I was doing. It turns out that didn't matter two much as I eventually caught on and completed the game. Theme is on point, art and sound is clean and satisfying. Good work!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Thanks for playing - yes I really enjoyed creating the art for this entry - and I'm glad you got into it even without the intro screen and tutorial - thanks for your kind words!

  • PizzaBandit

    I played for a while and it was a lot of fun optimizing cash flows but I was hoping for some kind of end game scenario. I really liked it though

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Yes I really regret not adding some more endgame content for like 100,000 YEN - I'm really glad you liked it, thanks for playing all the way to the end and taking the time to review.

  • xEVANZx
    xEVANZx xEVANZx Level 2

    Slow paced but very fun & nice graphics!! I can see it on Android with the choise of be able to move plants order in the pots, more tipes of plants, plants with different abilities like to make adyacents plants grow faster & that tipe of pasive abilities...

    Overall it was excellent and very funny!! Slow, but FUN. Keed the good work!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      These are some great suggestions - I would love to build this game out to have some more depth to different plant types other than simply price and introduce relative positioning as a factor in optimising your shop. Thanks for playing and taking the time to share your ideas!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    The pace is a bit slow, but otherwise very fun. great job.

  • SwiggityCricket

    This was actually legit good. I played until I had a total worth of 10k and unlocked all the pots. This is the best use of the theme I have seen so far. "Wath them grow" is literally the game, but it isn't boring and can be as exciting as you want. Well done!

    • Luke No Further Luke No Further
      Level 13

      Brilliant thank you! I wanted to create a game that was relaxing and not too punishing, but where if you wanted to push yourself to really optimise your shop, you are rewarded by being able to squeeze out extra profit by making smart seed choices - thanks for playing and I'm so pleased it resonated with you!