Blackheart, no!

by Mark Lohmann & Kyon Edelenbosch

You're three human beans stacked on top of each other while wearing a costume, pretending to be a pirate. Let's hope your costume doesn't fall apart otherwise Captain Blackheart will find out you're not a real pirate!

  • arrowkeys/WASD (to balance and move around)
  • space to select
  • escape to pause
  • untested gamepad support
Leaderboard functionality!

Special thanks to Peter who I will name my kids after

Also additional voiceacting by Frann de Bruin

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  • BlancoKix
    Lv. 1

    Played the game blind and had a lot of fun once I learned how to play. The music, voice acting and cut scenes were pretty funny but great too. Dope game.

  • Tero Hannula

    Looks good as usual, funny story and well puns are so dumb they are starting to be fun ^^ I played twice and uploaded my score. First run was 284 and in second run I managed to get 346 points. On my second run the UFO put the ship in pretty extreme angles, and I also managed to get off the ship from the right side. I went pretty far right to not fall, but because those high angles my character got pretty down in screen towards water and couldn't see myself properly and lost ^^" I calculated that I lost at 27 degrees, but I felt it went even more extreme at some point. What are the hard limits of tilt?

    I wished that theme would have been more heavily implemented here. Maybe bean-man could have been recruited as shipwright, and you have to balance your way to place where ship needs repairs. So instead of using Pirate Punts-tags, there would have been 'repairs' as ship was falling apart because of dangers of the sea. But as you are just three beans, actual repairs would have been band-aids etc. something silly ^^

    But thats just great job again!

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Hi Tero, thanks a lot for playing! Glad you liked it! :) Awesome that you got that far in the game!

      The tilt in the last level is kinda buggy, we fixed that in the evening of the deadline, but not on time to upload. It will always tilt too far to the right, and because of it you will walk off the ship eventually. Might post a post-jam version one day, but then I need a different leaderboard system so idk.

      We thought the Theme was very funny, because you would expect the ship to fall apart, but we went for "your costume is falling apart" on purpose, to sort of counter that obvious idea. Making the Piratenpunten a bit more story/world-related would've been really nice though!

      Thanks again!

  • Jackaroo
    Lv. 9

    This was amazing. The cutscenes are hilarious and well acted. The graphics are amazing. The sound is really well done and the gameplay is just addictive fun. I only played a couple of rounds since I have other games to play and I could see myself getting hooked on this one entry. But really I can't pick out any particular faults. I enjoyed the whole thing. Amazing work and I will definitely be playing more and trying to beat my score once I'm done playing the other entries. I've nearly played through all the games now and this one is definitely amongst the top of what I've played.

  • Allison James

    Well written, well presented, well voiced - I mean, it's one of YOUR entries, so there's no surprise there 😄 Amazing work, as always!

  • Ethan Wake
    Lv. 10

    Absolutely hilarious! The dialogue, the human-bean-balancing gameplay, the music, the vector graphics... it all ties together perfectly to make a fun, silly masterpiece. I keep dying on the Unknown, but I'm going to keep trying because I want to know how the story ends! I'm blown away that this was made by one person two people in 48 hours. Outstanding work!

  • Weerdoh
    Lv. 6

    The gameplay may be simple, but it is packaged in a ball of sillyness and I love it. Even though I have played through it several times, I still have not gotten sick of the Kracken song. Maybe I keep playing it to hear the song?

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      hahaha love that you like the Kraken song, that one was the most silly for us. We recorded all those music tracks in 1 take with 1 microphone. I got a bunch of instruments on my room so it was all improv and just go. Awesome that you played it a few times, your high score is unbeatable!! so nice <3

    Lv. 36

    I wish there were a restart button and skippable or perhaps quicker cutscenes. They take away quite some of the replay value.

    Of course, that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a masterpiece.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thank you Coderpiglet!! The first big cutscene is skippable if you hold any button! And restart is when you lose your costume. But I think you mean those little cutscenes in the area transitions?

      Glad you liked it though! :)

  • Tydecon Games

    If I were on a boat, I think by now I'd be able to spot a Kyon game on the other side of the sea! You have a brilliant and very unique style with the perfect amount of sillyness in everything you do, and your vector work is always so impressive! A great entry (and I wouldn't expcet anything less!) 😁

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Omg thanks that means so much! I love looking at all my GM48 entrees (this is my 10th game!) and seeing that vector art style grow over time. Super glad you liked the game :)

  • Brian LaClair

    Fantastic game, and so funny! Such a great amount of polish in this - I hope you're incredibly proud of it because you should be.

    The kraken music is A+, I would buy an album performed by that wonderful sea monster.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks so much Brian! Haha we are super proud, Mark and I literally looked at each other after the jam and were like "wow we made something". Glad you liked the music, for us that's so crazy. We literally put a mic in the middle of the room, and we stood there with a banjo and a guitar and did all the music improv in one take after one another. The Mermaid Song is me playing a bow on my guitar strings and Mark singing as if he's a mermaid haha. I did the Kraken vocals and we put a lot of distortion on there to make it more irritating for everyones ears

  • Megan
    Lv. 11

    lol I love it, as usual the sound and music is top notch and the concept is amazing! I managed to reach the unknown but I am going to play more to get the highest score, I swear. Controls feel good and I love how the NPCs talk during the gameplay. LORE!

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      We had so much fun making those randomized NPC stuff. There is some real funny dialogue there. (they even react to stuff you do in a way, like when you lose your arm they could comment about that haha) Awesome that you reached the unknown!! That's the last level amazing! Gonna be hard to beat that highscore that Weerdoh got though! It's even higher than my own! <3

  • Hokori
    Lv. 12

    This is hilarious but Kyon, I'm starting to think you need to be drug tested.

  • Nadabladam
    Lv. 4

    Wow, I remember playing Tower guy over a year ago and absolutely loving it, you have such a great style of games and great humor. The difficulty slowly raised up as the boat rocked more too. Loved this entry with how simple but effective it was!

    Cheat Code

    Cheat Code

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks Nadabladam!! The humor in those game really come from working together with my friends Mark & Matteo. It's mostly us putting jokes in the game for each other, and sort of putting every crazy thing we can think of in the game.

  • BreadClip
    Lv. 6

    I dont know how you did it Kyon, this game has only one mechanic and two buttons, but I had so much fun wobbling around and laughing at the characters and voice acting. Just a fantastic amount of feel and polish in this one, but still somehow so simple. Awesome game.

  • Chris

    looks and feels high quality, very cool game

  • Ivanbje

    I managed to get nr.1 score woo! (at the time of writing, no doubt someone will beat me). took me quite a few tries though...

    Simple yet fun. I like the recurring characters, seeing snailman(no he is not an alien, just a normal snailboy :P ) in the UFO was fun.

    There is a chance to get off the ship though, happened on accident at first but then I tried again and if you push hard enough it allows you to go through Imgur

    the only other thing I encountered was I failed to authenticate and I tried authenticating again, it crashed. but that's kind of my fault I guess.

    Had a lot of fun, good job.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Haahaha Snailmn, I think Mark made just a regular alien but now that you say it does really look like Snailmn haha

      Awesome that you got such a high score!! The falling of the ship is a bug, I fixed that an hour after the deadline so isn't in this version :( But still awesome that you got all the way to "the unknown"! Which is the final level!

      Thanks a lot IvanBje!

  • SpritePainter
    Lv. 21

    There's a lot to love here. The humor is great and the gameplay is very intuitive. It would be cool if you had to move around to complete tasks or something as well.

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thank you SpritePainter!! Did you miss the Piratenpunten? To get the highest score, moving around to gather them is really needed!

      Glad you liked it! :)

  • Hosh
    Lv. 2

    Beautiful art, sounds were great, and i love pirates in general so this submission was awesome! :D

    Dome Run

    Dome Run