Post Jam update is now available to play online HERE!

image Navigate the stage to collect yourself a sweet cookie. Once you have your treat, head back to your seat! In your old age, your vision is starting to fall apart, navigate your house through memory as your sight starts to leave you.

image In Game: <WASD> to move, <SPACE> to wake up/go to sleep, <R> to restart a level
Menu: <WASD> to navigate, <SPACE/ENTER> to select, <ESC> to go back

image image

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  • Tero Hannula

    Nice graphics and music, it's good entry overall. I like the 'storytelling' granma complaining about everything. But overall game is pretty basic platforming game, nothing bad about it though. But it isn't very innovative with game mechanics. Interpretation of theme as vision worsening didn't bring much to actual gameplay, just that you have to memorize level before starting it. Though of course you could think theme is interpreted in house falling apart, going into chaos.

    Good entry and had good amount of polishing in it :)

    • Tydecon Games

      Thanks for playing and I'm glad you've enjoyed it, I did struggle with how to interpret this theme so I see what you mean there, tricky theme this time around and I'm not quite as technically skilled as you with the window chopping but I did with it what I could 😅

  • Rewdan Sprites

    Hello. This is a good game with some really good ideas! I like the art style. Very nice. The sound and music really suits the game as well!

    Only thing I would mention is the pictures knocking you down when you jump under them. It was cool they could be used as platforms though! Very smart!

    Well done. Good job doing so much in such a short time!

    • Tydecon Games

      Thank you so much, I'm glad you've enjoyed it. It's always tricky to get a platformer just right mechanically, I hope it didn't get in the way too much :)

  • Ethan Wake

    Mind blown. The idea that one person made this masterpiece in such a short time is baffling. For starters, the progressive blindness concept is absolutely brilliant - it really forces you to memorize the nooks and crannies of every level, just as a poor old granny with cataracts would have to do in real life. The level designs are excellent - clearly a lot of thought went into every single one of them. The spritework is impeccable, and I particularly love the little details in the gamer bathroom stage. The sounds and music are very fitting, and I like that the music gets a little higher-pitched with each level. The only possibly nitpick I have is that the difficulty isn't always consistent; I personally got stuck on level 16 for over 15 minutes, but had a lot less trouble with every level after that.

    Minor nitpick aside, this is excellent. You should be very proud; you somehow produced a full-length game, complete with tons of hilarious dialogue and lots of levels, in an extremely short time. I tip my hat to you!

    • Tydecon Games

      Thank you so much, I'm so, so glad you've liked it, I really appreciate it! Yeah, the difficulty does peak at level 16, I was planning on making the last set of levels a little tougher aside from a few easy ones here and there to balance out but it turned out they were all rather easy past that point 😅

  • Megan
    • Level 11

    1yr ago

    Very polished! Nice job!

  • Laxxia

    This was so well done, so much polish on a game only done in 48 hours, and it was a ton of fun!! I think a critique I have is that the bathroom mechanic felt significantly easier than the electric beam mechanic so perhaps if those 2 sections of levels were swapped, and the one that incorporates the bounce nad electric near the end of the bathroom stage could have been kept near the end of the game. But overall, the levels are really well thought out, lots of awesome level design and a fun memory mechanic. At first I disreguarded the benefit of the wake up to start a level, but I think it was a GREAT addition to let the player analyse a level, and that's some big brain stuff my monkey brain missed on first pass, so yes great game!!

    • Tydecon Games

      Thank you so much, I'm really glad you've enjoyed the game - I agree that the level ordering was a little off, the difficulty curve was more of a difficulty... crescent? 😂 but I did think after the trickier middle part, a little bit of an easier level here and there might have been some relief, but I soon realised I'd made most of the bathroom levels far easier than I'd intended 😅 and yeah, the whole idea of starting the level asleep to analyse the room layout, it might not seem necessary at the beginning but a dozen levels in, it's certainly more needed 😂

  • Nick Ver Voort

    I'm very impressed, this is a really polished entry with frankly a ton of content for a 2-day jam. Great work!

  • Brian LaClair

    Great and funny game with a ton of polish - amazing work on this! It had me yelling "Oh no, Grandma!" a few times :-P

  • Chris

    Amazingly well done game, lots of content and gameplay

  • Zandy

    Excellent! A fun and ridiculously polished experience. 😎 Nitpick time: I didn't enjoy level 20 due to its requirement of multiple jumps off a ledge beneath a ceiling. The time window for those jumps is strict, and it's made even worse when the random blindness strips choose to obscure the hard jumps first. More coyote time or removing these precision jumps would be welcome. The engaging part of this game is the strategy element, not precise jumps!

    • Tydecon Games

      I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for playing! :) I see what you're talking about, there's a section in another level where I find this as well, I didn't have time to add the coyote-time element in but that's something I want to add in future! The blindness strips are random, it can be quite humorous thinking "right, must keep an eye on that bit" and it's the first bit to get obstructed haha!

  • tfg
    • Level 8

    1yr ago

    Nicely polished! The movement, death animation, everything is polished very well, and this could easily be passed off as aa non-jam game. Some things to consider - the game became a bit repetitive after playing through a few levels, maybe consider adding some different things to interact with as the game progresses.

    • Tydecon Games

      Thanks so much for your feedback, I'm glad you liked it. I did consider it getting a bit repetitive so there are 3 different level themes with different obstacles on each theme - but some of the obstacles do come in a little later in to the game so as to not overwhelm the player with everything all at once (like the lasers from level 9 or 10?) - hope that helps :)

  • Jackaroo

    Wow. This is just really impressive. Everytime I thought the game would end it just kept going and that wasn't a bad thing since I was really enjoying it. For a game made in just 48 hours it feels incredibly polished. The graphics were great, level design was a lot of fun and I loved the idea of losing more and more vision of the level as it goes on. Really great job and of all the games I've played in the Jam so far I'd say this is a real contender for the top spot.

I'm overwhelmed, truly shocked and blown away! Thank you all so much for playing and I'm so pleased so many of you enjoyed it! A lot of wonderful games this jam and I really can't wait to take part in the next one! 😁

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