>> Note! Pressing R resets the game. Don't use it when typing! It's just Debug-key.

Walkthrough (spoilers)


The world made of paper, what more horrifying there could be than firebreathing dragons? Our brave archers and their leader are up to challenge them all to save the kingdom!

But! Not everything goes as planned, and as player you need to help them. Do you have wits enough to save our heroes from dire situation?

I suggest you take pen and paper, just in case.

If you encounter problems, or don't know how to continue, you can send me email: tero_hannula(at)outlook.com, or ask as "Private Feedback", and I will help you advance in this game.

Game by Tero Hannula

  • Atomic made Puzzle-music during GM48.

Following music are from YoYogames Marketplace, allowed by the rules.

Game uses Dual-Kawase blurring by Xor, used for blurring background shadows.

Also other part of game uses YAL's Window freeze fix.

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  • Fachewachewa

    Great game 😍 I only had an issue with the second main clue because I think I accidentally skipped this line, and didn't went back to it. But I could complete the game with the "shortcut" mentionned in other feedback.

    So yeah, I'd say the only this missing is some kind of repeatable line that could sum up the last clue for each phase. The "R" bug was kind of annoying to, I had to restart the game a couple of times because of it 😅

    Otherwise it was really good, the theme works well, and you kept the story simple while still having enough for everything to make sense.

    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing, and thanks for original inspiration :)

      Yeah my bad. Dialogue rewind would have been great, but my code was pretty much spaghetti so it would have been hard to implement on last hours without breaking anything ^^"

      R isn't actual bug but leftover debug-key, which I normally bind behind Tab-key but forgot to do. Also maybe I subconsciously avoided R key when tried out typing, so didn't notice it during testing >_<

      I am bit proud that how theme is present here :> In overall story and also in gameplay

  • Rewdan Sprites

    I wont spoil anything. I wasn't sure whether to downloads this but now I am so glad that I did. Well done, so very well done! Good job!

  • Chris

    Awesome game, really well done all around. Super innovative, artwork and sound effects are great

  • Ivanbje

    didn't manage to find the first clue and resorted to using the walkthrough but managed to figure out the rest. A fun experience. Won't put any more info on here due to spoilers. Awesome to see an ARG in gm48, impressive


    Thank you, this was awesome. I'm proud of having completed it without looking at the walkthrough a single time. Altough, I'm not proud of the time it took. (I started on tuesday). I shared the puzzles at the dining table and got some ideas how to progress. It felt like a sensation every time I solved a puzzle.

    And it's not just the puzzles that feel well thought out. The art, sound and writing also feels clean and polished. You succeeded to make the archers appealing and expressive with just a couple of well thought of still frames and a handful of dialogue lines. And you definitely nailed that feeling of going deep below the surface where you aren't supposed to be. I'm thrilled.

    EDIT: - [Spoilers!!!] - I watched your walkthrough and realized I had skipped one part of the game. Instead of visiting the other champions, I just "deziminiM" the game window, which apparently also worked.

    • Tero Hannula

      Thank you for playing and well done completing it! Well that is then one way to get that part done, thanks for telling :D But I am pretty sure you would have solved that one correct way if you hadn't found shortcut ^^ But hey, that also could have been good puzzle-piece! I have confirmed it works.

      I think in these kind of games accidental shortcuts are common as players are trying to come up clever ways of solving the clues. In normal games you 'know' how players will play the game, but in ARG's it's not same. I have found this to be true also in real-life Escape Room-games, which I have played a few but also arranged for my friends.

      When developing this game, I had briefly thought 'player accidently finding something early'. So I tried to take mentality, that there is no 'wrong ways', but 'alternative solutions' as long as you manage to progress in the game (without actually breaking/soft-locking it).

      Of course design choices can affect probability of these, but as developer I can't assume I have outwitted and thought everything what players can do ^^

  • Ethan Wake

    Wow, this is absolutely genius and incredibly well-made. I wasn't smart enough to solve any of the puzzles on my own, but I still had fun with it even though I watched the walkthrough haha. Such a great idea for a game!

  • Sparked99

    Such a cool entry. I had to look at the walkthrough but still very impressive.



    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing :) The clues were bit vague, so it's bit of my fault ^^" I Could have left minor clues around pointing out how you could interprete main clues.

  • Megan
    • Level 11

    1yr ago

    That was really fun! Finally, an ARG that I can actually complete. Though I had a bit of an advantage, having unknowingly seen one of the clues before... I'd say more but spoilers!

  • Tydecon Games

    I feel like I've totally spoiled this for myself by watching people stream it 😂 but from a technical stand-point this is really impressive and you've made something so unique and ingrained in the GM48 community and spirit that, even knowing where to look, it's still a lot of fun! Obviously a few little hiccups here and there but nothing that can't be easily fixed (who hasn't fogotten to take out the game_reset() line from time to time!) - but overall, a great game and a fun journey!

  • Wahoo
    • Level 16

    1yr ago

    This is super cool! I never thought i'd see a multimedia GM48 game!



    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing :) I have wanted to do this for a while, bit of inspiration came from another jam game "Noe Wyatt needs your help" but also some time ago in in Discord server people were talking about ARG game.

  • Brian LaClair

    So, I'll preface this with that I still gave you a good rating because the game is gorgeous with good sound and the concept seems incredible...

    But for some reason the links throw errors on my computer rather than opening anything :( and unfortunately they don't show the actual URL that it's supposed to link to, so I couldn't manually type them in.

    I don't know if you have any suggestions to remedy this, but I'd love to try it again if you know what's up with that! Super cool work all around, Tero (regardless of my issues with it)

    • Tero Hannula

      Hi, thanks for playing :) You could check your default browser, if it's up to that? Now as you know it should open URL, I can give you the actual URL: Clue

      edit. Also you could try how function "url_open(url);" behaves in your computer, it's normal function of GMS.

  • Nyveon

    Very cool puzzle! Love this style of ARG type project. Can't really say much else than my praise without giving anything away. Very cool submission!

    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing :)

      I have wanted to do this kind of game for a while already and I was happy that there was so many themes which could be used for ARG. Though Falling Apart wasn't one of them, it was even better as I came up other ideas to connect story and puzzles to theme ^^

      Originally I wanted to make somekind of gritty detective game and you were finding the culprit for murder.

  • Jackaroo

    This was really well done. I managed to get to the other champions portion before being completely stumped. Even the first main puzzle really had me clueless for a long time. It felt great to figure that out but I was unable to figure out the other champions puzzle despite coming back to the game numerous times. I saw someone else get the solution on a stream but to be honest I wouldn't have figured it out on my own.

    I really love the art style too. The puppet show/cardboard cutout aesthetic was really nice and I liked the audio for the dialouge too.

    Great entry even though it made me feel stupid :)

    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing :) The clues are bit vague, so don't blame yourself ^^ I somehow came across shadow puppets when I was searching for inspiration, the aesthetic struck and got me going

  • Ron Sivan

    Theres a way to finish this game earlier...

    Maybe theres another jam game that the creator commented on...

    Maybe the window SHOULD be closed!



  • dosto
    • Level 16

    1yr ago

    First: I love multimedia puzzles and cross platform mysteries. I used to be a huge Notpron fan back in the day.

    This was so good ... I got positively surprised in every phase. There was lots of innovation and it didn't feel that oh well I've already seen this kind of puzzle game.

    Puzzle difficulty felt suitable for a GM48 game. Champions phase clue took some time but, as always in these kind of games, it felt so good after I got it.

    Only thing I missed was an ability to repeat the dialogue of every phase. But it wasn't that big of a deal, excellent game all in all!

    • Tero Hannula

      Thanks for playing and well done completing the game :) I'll play your game later today.

      I did have more puzzles in my mind, but before coding them I wanted come up with visual style. That on other hand helped me develope story, which also allowed me connect some problems and making others obsolete. I actually did middle part first, as I thought it can have separate style from rest of the game. I am bit proud how I implement theme "Falling apart" in many aspects in this game, though I am not sure will players notice them all :P

      I thought making dialogue rewinding, but supporting it would have required cleaning my spaghetti code. This I considered taking too much time and it was more important to get game completable.