"An evolutionary exploration: the dangerous button" asks a simple question: Who are we?

Across millennia, species have adapted and evolved to face the dangers and challenges emerging from their environment. Natural selection promotes new way of fighting and surviving. But what if you could simulate that with a simple button?

In this game, you'll be able to press a button by clicking on it or pressing spacebar. Whatever you choose to do is fine, but remember: actions have consequences. Will you press the button?

The button will simulate an environment, and you'll unlock traits by pressing it (or not). See for yourself if you're courageous enough to try. And try to keep it together...

This game deals with hard subjects and might not be for everyone. The ending might be shocking to a young or sensitive audience.

Another warning: Sounds tested between 20 and 50% of my windows volume slider. Since people in jam usually have their volume very low, I didn't wan't to make something inaudible, but it might be loud if you're above 50%.

I'm really sorry, I lost interest in my first idea, so I restarted from scratch at the end of day 1, and it's basically just one joke, but at least it's pretty short.

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