Forest Falling

Forest Falling

  • Weerdoh
  • 1 month ago
  • 23rd

Controls (Keyboard)

Move: WASD

Restart level: R

The forest is unstable and crumbling away. The Ancient Bear is drained of it's power and needs your help before the whole forest falls apart. Find the apples in each level and bring them back to the bear so it can begin the ritual. Careful! Each time you move, the unstable ground starts to crumble. You might have to find another path back to the bear.

Note: I was unable to finish making levels (and any sort of menu) but when you reach the blank room, you Win!

This is my second jam game, but first time coding for it. I definitely learned a lot over the 48 hours and will continue learning while I develop the game some more. There are several mechanics I didn't have time to implement and would like to add.

Thanks for checking out my game :)


Art & Code: Weerdoh

Ancient Bear VO: Mike Brunner

Music from yoyogames marketplace "Ancient Path" by Pace

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  • singleshot
    singleshot singleshot Level 25

    Nice game, the sprite work was really well done, and the puzzle style fit the theme great. other then a couple layering issues and the unfinished ending its pretty great all around.

    the only control tweak I can think of to make it more engaging is an input buffer for the movements, so I won't stop just because I pressed a direction a little bit before I stopped.

    good work!

  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 5

    Great work. Very nice visuals and nice gameplay too. I did feel that sometimes I would press one of the movement keys and it wouldn't respond though. Not sure if I was just being a bit took quick pressing it after moving from another space or whether it does just not respond at times.

    Other than that the only fault is that it ends so quick but I won't criticise that in a Game Jam. I didn't have much trouble with the puzzles. I had to restart level 2 and 3 one time each but that was all. However the gameplay is simple but fun and I could see you coming up with some very tricky puzzles for this sort of game. I hope you do continue it. Again, Great work.


    Simple, beautiful and polished. I found no problems at all during my playthough. But I think some more gameplay features, levels, and perhaps some animation would have done wonders.

  • Ethan Wake
    Ethan Wake Ethan Wake Level 4

    Excellent graphics and well-made puzzles (I had to retry level 2 more times than I'd care to admit). I like that the rocks crumble at a lower rate than regular ground. It's a shame you ran out of time on this one, because it would make a great full-length game!

    • Weerdoh Weerdoh
      Level 6

      I am glad there was a bit of a challenge to it, was hard to tell since I already knew where to go. I do plan to continue developing the game some more, mainly as a learning experience. There are several things I wanted to try to implement and now I can do that in a less stressful environment. Maybe an actual completed game will come out of it lol.

      Thank you for playing and for the feedback

  • PizzaBandit

    Fun game, looks great. Shame that it ends so soon with a blank room but it is very well done regardless.

    • Weerdoh Weerdoh
      Level 6

      I almost quit a couple times and wasted a few precious hours due to it, but I pushed myself at the end to at least submit something playable. So I am glad you had fun with the bit I was able to put together at the end. I do plan to work some more on it post jam and add a couple mechanics I wanted to implement but didn't get the chance to figure out.

      Thanks for playing :)

  • Brian LaClair

    I had a great time playing this! As others have mentioned, the art is fantastic - the game play was a ton of fun and fit the theme well. This reminds me a lot of a game I played a lot as a kid called Chips Challenge, so extra points for that :)

    • Weerdoh Weerdoh
      Level 6

      Thanks so much for the feedback. Glad you were able to have fun with what I was able to put together in time.

      I looked up Chips Challenge and saw they have a demo on Steam. I will check it out for some inspiration :)

  • Nick Ver Voort

    The art style is fantastic, and the game fits the theme of the jam well. I've played similar types of puzzle games before but you did a good job designing levels in this style. I think it's overall a nice entry, and you did well given the time we had!

    • Weerdoh Weerdoh
      Level 6

      Time was definitely a factor in adding more interesting mechanics, but I am glad you had a good experience with what I was able to put together.

      Thanks for testing it and for the feedback!

  • Meedil
    Meedil Meedil Level 3

    Incredible visuals, and very nice audio, the gameplay was smooth and calming, though not very special.

    • Weerdoh Weerdoh
      Level 6

      I am glad you liked the visuals, audio and that the game felt smooth. It definitely lacks something to really make it an interesting puzzle game. I had a few mechanics I wanted to implement, but did not have the time to figure it all out.

      Thanks for testing it and for leaving feedback :)