Rodney Rat's Magnificent One Man Band

Rodney Rat's Magnificent One Man Band

  • Vinnie // Bacon // Buttons
  • 1 month ago
  • 10th

Rodney Rat's partnering up with his friend, Melodically-inept Marcus to bring music to the world! Help keep Rodney's one-man-band from falling apart while still collecting that cheddar!

First, use your savings to purchase instruments! Then, arrange them however you'd like and finally, take them out into the street and let the whole world hear your creativity! ...until they start breaking, that is. Keep clicking your broken insturments to bring them back. People passing by will toss coins, be sure to click them and collect them!

(Originally there were mini games attached to the instruments to bring them back, but a last minute bug kind of killed them all, thus the clicking mechanic.)


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  • Jackaroo
    Jackaroo Jackaroo Level 5

    This was really impressive and worked really well. The art and music were both fantastic and hearing the music get more and more layered as instruments were added in was really cool. It got pretty difficult as more instruments got added in but that also added to the fun. My one suggestion on what could have been changed is the method for collecting money. I think rather than clicking on the coins, simply moving the mouse over the coins would've been a nicer way to collect the money. There is already a lot of clicking going on to repair instruments so it would've been nice if collecting the money didn't require more clicking too. But really it's a minor issue and despite that I still had a lot of fun with the game. A really impressive entry.

  • Ron Sivan
    Ron Sivan Ron Sivan Level 2

    I am amazed that the art and animations in this game are so good. You guys did an amazing job!!! The music is also fantastic and the gameplay has some real potential. I think instruments break apart too quickly. It makes the game from challenging to impossible after you get a few instruments. But this game is still very impressive for 48 hours. Great job!

  • PizzaBandit

    Super impressive game, really well done. Music is fantastic

  • Ethan Wake
    Ethan Wake Ethan Wake Level 4

    The gameplay mechanic is brilliant and very addictive. I found myself replaying again and again in hopes of collecting every instrument. It gets more challenging as more instruments are collected, but it's worth it to hear Rodney's music grow more and more complex. Excellent work!

    • BaconBoy123 BaconBoy123
      Level 16

      Thank you! I was surprised the concept worked as well in execution as it did. Vinnie did a super solid job making sure everything lined up properly and Buttons' musical-know-how really added the polish to make everything both mesh as a collective OR work solo.

  • Megan
    Megan Megan Level 9

    This was super fun! I'm just a sucker for the layered instruments (nice music!) and the fact that you can arrange the instruments any way you want, with those interconnected strings. Just a great vibe! I only wish there was more of a goal and an ending, to encourage certain playstyles (more instruments or less? It seems better to have fewer instruments but the shop is set up in a way that makes me want to buy more, since there's no other use for money).

    • BaconBoy123 BaconBoy123
      Level 16

      Thanks for playing! It was fun to make graphics for and Buttons KILLED it on the music/SFX. With a couple more hours, I think we would have had more of an "end game". We were planning on having the instruments being unlocked for purchase throughout the game.

      I think it would have been fun for some QOL upgrades too, like a larger cursor for collecting coins or maybe an auto-coin collector! All stuff we could add if we decide to expand this, I guess. :) Thanks again!

  • Brian LaClair

    Amazing job with this! The stacking of music is fantastic and such a cool mechanic... make this a mobile game! Tons of fun.

    • BaconBoy123 BaconBoy123
      Level 16

      Thanks for the review! It's funny, I hadn't even considered this being a mobile game before you said something, but it really lends itself nicely to a short gameplay loop and using your fingers to tap to fix / collect money would be even more engaging than a cursor.... Thanks again for your feedback!

      • Brian LaClair Brian LaClair
        Level 6

        Hah, exactly! I just was visualizing how addicting it would be with the tactile control.

        Definitely let me know if y'all end up doing that, I think it's already in a more-than-good-enough state to just get everything working properly on mobile and ship it. I'd definitely grab it, at least!

  • Meedil
    Meedil Meedil Level 3

    The gameplay starts out pretty great, but slightly declined afterwards. I would recommend giving the player more goals, or at least a slightly more obvious goal. The music used with the instruments, was amazing to my ears, and kept me engaged for the most part, and it was fun picking together different instruments to use. Great job on the design as well .

    • BaconBoy123 BaconBoy123
      Level 16

      Thank you! We had more planned, but alas, that's the story of a game jam. I agree that there's not a lot in the core gameplay that keeps you playing. With a little more time, we would have built some more progression into it. I'm glad you liked the music! Buttons tracked like 15 different instruments in three different styles (a couple didn't make it in the game) along with broken sounds for each of them. Vinnie did a great job of balancing everything out too! Thanks again!