In Hot Water
Your careless love of farming has gotten you in debt with Big Pig, and now you're on the verge of losing your farm! Plant crops, water them, and sell them! But be quick about it- each season only lasts 60 seconds!

There is a win state, but you're not expected to win. The world is cruel and the difficulty is high. Saving the farm requires a heavy amount of optimizing, so just try to survive as long as you can, and don't feel too bad if you succumb to debt.

How to Play
Move around with the arrow keys and use your tools with W/A/S/D.
Swap your active tool with Q/E or 1/2/3.

Controllers Are Supported!
Move around with Left Stick / Dpad and use your tools with Right Stick or the face buttons
Swap your active tool with the shoulder or trigger buttons.

How Do I Interact with Things?
Most interactions are done simply by walking near structures.
-Walk next to a seed bag to pick up seeds
-Walk next to the well to fill your water
-Throw harvests into the truck to make money

-Avoid dipping under $100 on your first season unless you plan on making up the difference. If you end the season with less than $100, Big Pig will take your farm!
-You can carry multiple harvests at once!
-Try planting seeds strategically to remember which crops go where
-Use beets to keep your debt at bay and make a profit with the slower cash crops

Who Did What?
Mimpy - Programming
SpritePainter - Art
1of-akind - Sounds and Music

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  • tfg
    • Level 8

    1yr ago

    I didn't like the controls -- WASD to move and Arrow keys to do stuff feels more natural to me. Difficulty was also a bit high, but other than that it's a nice game!



  • Jackaroo

    This was a difficult game. I wasn't able to complete it but gave it a few good goes. The controls took some time to get used to but they seemed to do the job. I just felt that some of the seeds took too long to grow and harvest, then didn't really give a big enough payout for the time invested. I generally ended up sticking around the same amount of money every season despite trying to increase it in different ways. If it did increase it was rather minimal and would take a long time before I could pay off the debt. I'm sure there is a good strategy for it but I didn't figure it out in the time I played.

    I also felt the art was a bit incosistent. Not in terms of quality, in terms of quality it was all great. Just in terms of style. The gameplay had a rather cutesy character whilst the menus had a terrifying looking squirrel and pig haha. I also thought the tiles didn't quite seem to match the character sprite either, making the character feel a bit out of place. As I say the art was all great, I just feel it didn't quite go together. Maybe thats just me though, and I'm no expert when it comes to art.

    I did enjoy the game though and I'd like to come back to it later to see if I can do any better than what I did in my few attempts here.



  • Happysquared

    Was not able to defeat big pig! Sprites were nice. Music was a lot of fun. I found the animated player sprite very dynamic. Really liked it. Found the game overall looked great! The watering was pretty hilarious and I made it to winter before succumbing. The unique music and visuals for each season was also a really nice touch. Found the watering animations pretty satisfying as out of control as it was (It was fun haha) :D Controls were a little difficult.

  • Tydecon Games

    This is a really well made and put together game - the controls took a little bit of getting used to but then once I knew what I was doing it was much easier, though I still didn't last too long 😂 great entry, really well done :)

  • havik

    Visually very nice, also very nice, conceptually also very nice. All in all, very nice.

    Took me a little while to get used to the controls (mouse please!) but once I'd got my head used to using them, it went much better. The cycling seasons was a nice way to incorperate the theme, without just having the game last for 60 seconds (Nothing wrong with that per se, just a lot of games (mine included) use that, so nice to see something different).

    I wasn't very good, Big Pig bankrupted me every time. Maybe I'm just not a great farmer, or he's too greedy with his prices (maybe the initial cost is a bit high). I still enjoyed trying to keep him at bay, mixing up the seeds and trying new things, but Big Pig was inevitable. (insert Thanos joke)

    That also means I didn't get to save the farm, but it's ok, I've done enough farming now so maybe it's time to sell up and move on to other things.

    I couldn't help but see my previous entry Guarden Gnome in this, with the central well, watering can/gun you have to refil, water the plants and wait. I know most of that is just farming games, but the central well bit? I'm going to pretend I inspired that, even if I didn't :D

    TLDR: Had fun, looks great, sounds great. Please let me use the mouse. I'm a bad farmer.

  • Veralos

    Really well made game! There's some really nice attention to detail with the seasons not only having unique visuals, but unique music as well. The presentation is overall very high quality with nice animation as well as detailed character portraits. The menus are also well designed and smooth.

    The concept of a farm sim is pretty familiar but the whole system with the 60 second seasons gives it an interesting twist. I like how different seeds work in different seasons. Unfortunately, I found the controls a bit tricky to use with such a tight time limit. The economy is quite strict too. Intentional or not, I feel it would be more satisfying with a better chance to improve and upgrade the farm.



  • Jupiter Hadley

    Hectic fun game. I included it in my GM48: Sixty Seconds compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • Chris

    I feel like this could be a new genre, the hyper-farm sim. It's really a great idea and well executed.

  • Kilomatter

    I agree with Rook. The controls make the game needlessly difficult. The sprite art is lovely and the concept is great, but the controls bog it down (then again I haven't tried using the right-stick). I think the game might've also worked better on a one-screen room. Having the seed bags so far away from the truck makes the game harder.

  • RookTKO

    This game, in theory, is a great idea. I love stuff like this. Gives me vibes to flash farming games. I could see this where like you get put in these intense 60 second periods where you have to seed, water and harvest the plants and maybe down the road stop enemies from eating your crops and it becomes this wierd strategic intense harvesting/shooter.

    But even how it is, the concept of the game, is sound.

    The issue lies with the controls. The controls make this game harder then it needs to be. This whole game could have been fixed by allowing the mouse to be used in the menu as well as using it for direction, lmb for using abilities and maybe rmb for switching items to use or the scroll and then w,a,s,d or arrow keys for movement. The way it currently is just not fun to play. The concept of the game is FUN. The issue is the controls.

    And just to add to that, it would have behooved the game to have some tutorial or better description on how the controls work or how the game works. Eased the gamer into it.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago
    • The art on the menu is SO GOOD!
    • The fox looks like the guy from zootopia.
    • Would prefer mouse controls on the menus
    • The controls were not intuitive to me.
    • I would have preferred placing seeds to be less random (i.e. next to you not just somewhere above you randomly).
    • I found the random patches of dirt to be misleading, I assumed at first you could only plant in them.
    • The map seems way too big for how long you have, the time it would take you to get to the truck from the other side of the truck makes it redundant.
    • Placing stuff in the truck can be annoying (it often misses unless you stand at exactly the right distance);
    • Sound effects are good but I found the music to be a little annoying.
    • I love the concept of the game and ‘big pig’ but the 60 second limit made the game very stressful. I would have much preferred to take things more at my own pace (maybe big pig comes every 60 seconds but my farm continues indefinitely?)
    • I found the shop interface to be quite clunky, I spent more time navigating those menus then farming!
    • It’s a little strange that your tools are in an inventory but harvest has to be carried separately (and sometimes he doesn’t pick things up? I thought the limit was 3 items at once but then he picked up more).
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    1yr ago

    The art on the menu was amazing but it didn't match the rest of the game. I really liked the premise but it doesn't fit the theme because, in my opinion, the timer made it just too stressful to play. Also, because the W control was the same for dropping the vegetable and using the tool, it made the gameplay too frustrating.

    • Mimpy
      • Level 26
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Fair enough about the controls. We wanted to make the game feel like a twinstick shooter, so we bound all actions to directional input instead of giving different actions different keys. I think it streamlines the controls but also makes it a bit awkward in situations where you've selected the wrong tool.

      I'm not sure I follow about fitting the theme. It doesn't fit the theme of 60 seconds because the timer counts down for only 60 seconds? We couldn't make seasons longer because then it wouldn't fit the theme anymore.

      • Aya Norw

        I understand that there had to be a 60 second component to make it fit the theme, but I would have preferred it implemented differently as the way it is right now is too stressful to be enjoyable. For example, what if the crops just took 60 seconds to grow? This is just my preference, obviously.

  • Rovert

    Very fun! A bit too difficult, I can't make it past a few seasons sadly...

    • Mimpy
      • Level 26
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Thank you! And yeah, I agree, the debt starts too high and saving the farm is too expensive. Sadly balancing was not prioritized and the game is pretty difficult as a result. Reaching the victory screen requires a lot of optimizing.

  • Junction Games

    Very well done! Extremely difficult, but extremely polished.



    • Mimpy
      • Level 26
      • Coder

      1yr ago

      Sorry about the difficulty, it is definitely too hard, but thank you for playing!